AA In The Viewport/Whilst Modeling?

Hi guys,

Ive been searching for info on the above but have not found anything up to date or that works so thought Id ask.

How do you enable/increase AA settings for the viewport?

Ive gone into the user preferences and upped it there, saved and restarted Blender but Im not seeing much difference at all. Its not too bad with some modeling projects but others it is. It can be quite bad when using some blueprints but as soon as I hide the blueprints it looks really good again. Its by no means that bad its affecting modeling or anything but it is a something Id like to increase if possible.

I`m on Blender 3

I have a decent system.

RTX 3050 8GB

Any help would be appreciated.


So you are using Add → Image → Reference/Background/Images As Planes or even Add → Empty → Image? :question:
For me for everyone of those four possibilities an image looks the same as viewed on any image viewer using the standard Blender Preferences → Viewport → Quality → Viewport Aniti-Aliasing : 8 Samples and Textures → Ansiotropic Filter: 2x even on my integrated processor GPU on Linux.

So can you explain a bit more when it is too bad?

To add a reference image such as a blueprint I go:

Shift+A - Image - Reference. Then chose my reference image.

The images are not the problem. Its the mesh thats suffering from jaggies or very little AA.

In Preferences - Viewport - Quality - I have the AA set to 8 samples. Overlay and Edit Mode both checked.

In Textures - Limit Size - Off

AF set to 2X

Sometimes when I`m modeling the AA on the mesh looks a bit jaggie when the reference images or blueprints are in the scene. When I hide the images/blueprints the AA on the mesh is perfect. Lovely and smooth.

This does not happen with all modeling projects, only some which is why I find it a little strange.

Ive tried changing the AA settings in Preferences and saving then restarting Blender but I dont notice much difference. There is a difference but not as much as I`d have thought.

When following tutorials the mesh/model of the tutor always looks nice and smooth even when blueprints are in place so I was just wondering if theres a way to get the AA to look better on the mesh when actaully modeling. A setting Ive missed perhaps?

I`ve left everything at thier default values in the Nvidia CP. Would changing settings in there make any difference?

Sorry if I wan`t clear in my first post. I hope this is a bit more clear now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ahh so you meant the mesh lines… oh, no line thickness maybe but AA ?? sorry also never had a problem (fine enough even if not usg 4K just simple HD)… maybe if you show a screen shot??

Ok, here are some screens of what I mean:

Chair with the blueprints showing. Jaggies on the mesh:

Chair with no blueprints showing. No jaggies:

Porsche 550 model with blueprints showing. No jaggies:

Again ahhh :wink: …i now realize that i almost always select the background and make it transparent in an image app so i do have this “jaggies” but didn’t bother… could it be possible that the light background of the image does intensify this effect? Maybe try the image with a gamma correction to darken the background? Or play with the Empty → Image → Opacity: factor of the complete image in blender…

Not sure if the background images are making things worse.

I always turn the Opacity down too on my reference images.


Could the settings in the Nvidia CP make any difference to images and mesh/models in Blender?

…may…be… if there are settings for special settings for extra (?) OpenGL line drawing aliasing ?? or mixing styles ???

There are specific settings you can set for individual programs/games etc but Blender is`nt in the list.

I can add it but not sure as I`ve never done it before. :thinking: