AAA game in future release Blender 2.8

There are some indications that BGE will change to Interactive engine?

Will it provide real time lighting and graphics like Unity 5.8 or Id tech 5 for making AAA games ?
For example I would like to make in Blender graphical and gamplay quality of Ori and blind forest and 2D God of war 3.

and it will bake bread ;)!
It is just a different name. It will still be a game engine. I think it will get a changed architecture of some kind. But no dramatic change.

There is nothing that stops you making that sort of games right now (beside of your own skills). Most-likely you do not have the money nor the time to create an “AAA” title. I suggest to aim for a game that you are able to develop.

BGE is only as good as you are! Unlike Unity or Unreal, BGE comes bare-bone and requires extensive knowledge and programming to be appealing. However, it is a great learning platform but nothing is currently stopping it from being used to produce a “profesional” game.

Could free Id tech engine be used to improve BGE?
I meant faster real time computation, so that cycles and Blender internal could become interactive without need prerendering. That particles, physics…
Id tech renderer(doom 3)

Or Gem engine](

Why not use Doom 3 renderer and engine to built Blender from the ground up.
Blender foundation is bigger than Epic, right ?

What do you mean with that?

If you want to make a large game in the BGE, then you will need to note that the scripting API and the graphics engine is slower than the equivalent in many other engines. Because of that, you will need to do more work on smart optimization techniques to have a playable FPS rate.

It is possible to make rather decent games in the BGE, but large scale games will be more difficult to make compared to engines like UE4 (which are designed from the ground up to allow for such scale).


<comment on trend of posts of this nature>
A lot of people assume that code is just code and that better solutions from high profile codebases can be implemented everywhere. In fact, their code is highly specific to their respective platforms. Cycles cannot be made that much faster (for realtime) because the very principle it builds on demands computational complexity. You can’t really speed up a tortoise unless you fundamentally don’t have a tortoise. (Giving it a jetpack just means it can’t manoeuvre).

All game engines implement similar techniques. It’s the implementation that actually makes them unique. Thus, more often than not attempting to improve one engine with inspiration from another is just copying the other engine, which raises the question of why bother, in the first place?

Also, note that in asking this question, it suggests that you’re not quite in the position to develop such a game at this moment in time. Not many of us are, of course, but if you can’t recognize the ceiling, you’re not there yet!

Good luck with your projects.

A few points:

  1. As Agoose77 said, you can’t shoehorn something like Doom3.gpl into Blender without tons of work, it’s not a matter of replacing the openGL rendering engine, Blender has its own event loop, scenegraph, and material/lighting system that is designed for Blender, bringing in a replacement engine is not trivial.

  2. Most of the commercial game engine available today have a very Very strong editor - That’s their main selling point to the studios. Not advanced visual effects. Visual effects are cheap, but man-powers are expensive. The key to a good BGE is a great editor that allows the the artists and programmers to work quickly. Currently, developing a Blender games is very clunky. There simply isn’t enough abstractions in Blender to make it a viable platform for larger games.

I have no doubt with enough time, we can develop an amazing game in Blender, but it will probably take 10x as long compared to Unity or UE. And that’s the problem.

BGE is at a crossroad. Currently Cycles is stealing all the thunder (for good reason). This means Blender is more and more being optimized and designed for Cycles. This is more than just a development resource issue. If the Blender UI is focused on offline-rendering, it can’t be an effective realtime engine, because these two things are not compatible. Cycles is fundamentally flexible and realism driven, whereas a GE needs to be a lot more restrictive in order to be performant.

The BGE’s new team is slowly ironing out the cruft and the bugs that remain in the engine, but it still has a ways to go.

If anyone wants an open source engine where the base is already good enough to start adding new features and tools to, then take a look at Godot. That engine right now is slowly gaining momentum in terms of code contributed by the community and is currently in a phase focusing on usability.

The only thing to note though is that the 3D part is not quite as well developed graphically as Unity and UE4, and the main developer wants to avoid serious work on that part until there’s more information about the upcoming Vulkan API (so as to avoid having to implement things twice and wasting time), but it plays well with Blender and has a workflow that is game-centric.

Will Vulkan change computational power of Blender internal and Cycles ?
When will be released ?

Not really. Cycles doesn’t use OpenGL for rendering, whilst Blender Internal won’t switch to Vulkan outright. It would require rewriting Blender’s drawing code to use Vulkan, which isn’t a small task.

Most of Blender’s rendering capabilities are predominantly limited by the capabilities of today’s platforms, rather than the code itself (within an order of magnitude)

There is not much keeping you from making a amazingly detailed game,
providing the GPU can handle that*
with the exception of LibLoad/libFree bugs,

There are some tricks we can’t use, like instancing and static draw call batching,

other then that, the artists limits are blenders limits,
and publishing options.

About workflow - I have a addon in mind, but need help on the BPY side.
(choose actor type, choose actor armature, set animations names for actor type)
press p - > you actor is moving and playing animations

this will be less flexible then a rig designed by the developer, but not all developers are looking for something

Actually, I politely disagree. That’s like saying MS Paint can make amazingly detailed paintings, therefore it’s artist limited:

While Blender is good enough to pump out decent graphics in the hand of a good artist, (we do have full vertex/geometry/frag shader support after all), Workflow is everything. And that’s precisely what BGE lacks.

What is missing from workflow? PreFabs?

A level editor would be nice,

I bought your addon for it’s little speed ups,

However there is still much to be done.

can you setup instancing for single draw calls?
like say I want to build a game out of 32 modules over and over,
with different uv maps,

I would buy another copy :slight_smile:

There are way too many things to have a comprehensive list. For example:

  • Baking static lighting in UE2/3/4 is a one-click operation. In Blender, it requires manual management of multiple UV layers, UV unwrapping, and baking. Or a separate baking addon.

  • Asset management is almost non-existant in Blender except for Lib-load. Everything has to be done by hand (scripts)

  • Unpredictable realtime preview. Scenes often appear differently in viewport than in-game for various reasons. When you press P, Blender converts the entire scene to the KX format. This is slow and prone to unpredictable changes. Whether something works or not in the BGE is not communicated to the user at all in the user interface.

  • GUI toolkit.

  • Terrain editor, including instancing/foliage tool (since most engines render terrain in a unique way)

  • Sound composer

  • Debug/Profiling and publishing. Again, it works, but a far cry from what Unity has.

Unity Profiler:

Blender Profiler:

Do not take this post as my dislike for BGE. But for us to grow, we need to know our short-comings.

I am glad to hear that you’ve tested the Easy Game addon. I agree we have a long way to go. But I’ll try my best to keep developing it.

I currently do not have a way to instance geometry. You can emit additional geometry though the geometry shader right now, but that’s not the recommended way to multiply geometry on any GPU.

I did not mean easy game has a long way to go,
its been quite useful for Pbr,

I meant the bge :smiley:

I just watched Vulcan presentation
->beggining at 6 min 35s, he said they took Mantle, generalized it, standardized it and replaced it.
So, every rookie(as I) will reason that you take Opengl doom 3 renderer and reimplement it (somehow,it doesn’t be the same) in BGE.

Is Vulcan basic API available for developers so they can prepare their products at Vulcan launch ?

Making a triple A game in BGE is a piece of cake.
You take 50 millions from your 500 million dollars budget, you give the money to the blender foundation, they hire engineers and programmers to either develop or integrate and improve an existing engine and you’re free to spend the remaining 450 millions making the assets, writing the story, bribing media… the usual stuff.