Aaagh, it's just not right...

Number one reason against bestiality:

Lets just hope that the reports turn out to be false. :o

that cant be true… just cant

Bestiality? Did you read it? A larva swam up her cooter, she didn’t have sex with a frog.

Besides that, this story is unverified and from a third world country. How likely do you really think it is?

well some people would say that sprem looks somewhat like tadpols (under a microscooooop) but seriously this is just an old saying gone to far.

no woman would ever go swimming in a dirty pool, not with all the dirty tadpoles wanting a piece of her.


Sounds like a National Enquirer news piece to me…

This makes zero sense. Let’s just say it was possible for the larva to develop inside the woman’s body and find its way out… how would that give the frog “human features”?? Another story for the museum of hoaxes -->

No, of course she didn’t have sex with a frog - that would be weird. You’re right, it wouldn’t work either unless she had an unfertilised frog egg in there already. BTW, do larva swim i.e. are they the same as tadpoles? I thought that if they said larva, that would just be a fertilized egg. I would have thought she’d have felt a tadpole goin’ in.

Yeah, you’re probably right. Those poor b***ards are always out for attention. Does anyone know what happened about that girl from Russia I think it was, who was supposed to be able to diagnose medical conditions by just looking at you?

maybe the kid will grow up and marry the ancient priestess revived in a secret lab in lybia I heard about. And then ride on an elephant and plot world domination with hitler, elvis, bush, and osama.

ROFL :smiley:

Apparently, the MOH already has it logged :wink:

Yeah, I never believed the story for a second.


maybe the frog kissed her lips and started to transform into a prince but only got half way there (u can decide which lips im talking about)

Fudge :wink:

That’t really funny, man!


Lol, that’s retarded