Just made this for fun. It’s supposed to look like a frame from a movie. Definitely used a ton of composite nodes on this one. The image looks pretty boring without em. Guess it just goes to show a bit of what they’re capable of. Oh, and I wasn’t sure what to call it thus “Aaahh!!!”

Thanks for viewing.

Wow that is AWESOME! :smiley: I love the eyes, and everything else but the eyes stand out :slight_smile:

Thats almost as good as the fact that its stopped raining.

woah thats really good 5 stars

nice, but it doesnt work as a still.

Nice! Love the movie frame effect, I really think it works :smiley:

I love the way you’ve used a blur effect. Did you do that inside Blender, or did you edit it in an image editing programme.

Sorry doesn’t work for me! 3* for good work.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I’d really appreciate if you’d say why it doesn’t work if you dont think it does! :slight_smile: Would help me improve eh?

Dakka Dakka: Yup the blur effect is using the Vector blur node within blender.

Thanks again everyone!

its too dark, its lacking a clear focus compositionally AND because of the blur, the background does nothing for it (no information), and compositionally its static and doesnt reveal much about the character or what is going on.
that being said, nice modeling and texturing. keep it up!

Ok here it goes trying to explain why it doesn’t work for me. You described this as being a frame in a movie. Without the description I can’t tell that this is a moving piece. To me it looks like somebody went haywire with DOF. (No pun intended just explaining what I think)
Considering this I can’t make out what it really is. I see some head with glowing eyes which looks interesting but since I can’t really see it I loose interest. Also I agree with StompinTom that the non existent background does not add to the composition.

As an improvement mabey give two adjacent frames of the movie and show that this is part of a moving piece.

Yeah, it looks kinda thrown together(sorry), far too dark, Nothing that really suggest any movement…and its comped out of recognition…

Sorry bro, I just dont get it. good effort though

Well, it’s designed to be a frame grab from a movie. Many movies have dark scenes which go out of focus during movement. I wouldn’t call the composition static personally, as there is definitely the illusion of there being plenty of motion. As far as what’s going on, there’s definitely a feel of malevolence from the creature, and it seems that he is swinging a blade.

I think you’ve got the movie grab effect down quite well Crititrozoz. It has that motion picture feel.

Thanks everyone for your comments and critics. I think other peoples monitors may be darker than mine because when I look at my lcd from lower down it does loose details into darkness and the vector blur effect diminishes. Regarding the background I did try many options including leaving it with detail and having a brighter background, but it ruined the eerie mood I was going for. Again thanks for all the advice and comments!

yeah, personally i wouldnt go for that ‘designed as a frame grab’ thing. movies tell a story in a sequential series of frames. the whole concept/story/theme isnt explained all in one shot.
still images have to express their intentions within that single picture (or as part of a series, but still every image has its conceptual voice). the fact that they dont move means that much more time will be spent by the viewer in studying the image, meaning that it would require more information and detail to have any sort of meaning.
look at graphic novels and how they carry their message across. each frame is physically static, sure, but each frame also has its influence on the whole piece.
context through scene development (background, other characters, clearer definition of the actual subject) or through supporting images (a triptych, maybe? a longer series of panels?) would definitely improve the image’s readability.

Alright. Our opinions obviously differ here lets leave it at that. I don’t think we can label a still image to have to contain certain amounts of information as some images or complex and some are so simple its stunning, but if well done even in simplicity the image can be effective. When I say its to look like a frame from a movie, I just meant that literally. Its like someone was watching a movie, hit pause, and screen captured it. I was attempting to mimic that look of movement and imagery that you would see in a movie so there might not necessarily be lots of detail in the background because the camera’s swinging around, or for whatever reason. Thanks again for your thoughts and comments everyone. They’re all greatly appreciated :). Blend on.