AAARGGHH! Hitting the wrong hotkey really sucks sometimes.

Working on my project in the semi-darkness early this morning, I go to save - so as always I hit F2 Enter Enter. But as my current model is replaced by my last saved version, I realize I had hit F1. Crap.

At least not too much was lost.

If you are working on a big project, turn the auto save time to 10 min. and make it save 6 or so versions.

Then you always have 1 hours back.

Is that how it works? I know all settings dissapear when you switch off ‘the "auto’ button but the versions buttons works separately afaik?

ie. [Auto save] saves a tempory file (X) every [minutes]
[open recent] opens the last saved temporary file (X)

[Versions] is the number of old versions kept when you actively save a file (ie F2 or Ctrl-W)


The worst one I found is Ctrl+Q instead of Ctrl+W - quit instead of save.

Blender saves a temporary quit.blend in the temp files, so actually, you saved it too :stuck_out_tongue: