Aaargh! Another newbie!

(Litterate) #1

Wow…talk about feeling small and useless after looking at what all u guys have produced. Well I’ll keep at it. This is what I’ve cracked (and been able to put on the net, theres more on ye old can) so far.


(All images on the page are final. All blenderfiles were lost in a horrible crash on my computor :frowning: )

(bmax) #2

dont worry about being a newbie, there’s nothing wrong with that! i’ve been using blender for, what, 3 years now? and i think i know a ton things about blender. but - as an example of my lack of experience - i have to say, that ive NEVER modelled a human before!! not even a head!! - as i see, you havent either, but that’ll come…dont worry.

(Andy Goralczyk) #3

don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong about being a newbie…
your images are really cool [i’ve seen worse from non- newbies :wink: ]
keep it up.


(Alltaken) #4

how long do you consider being a newbie

ive been using blender for four months and i don’t consider myself a newbie.

could someone tell me when a newbie status expires.
am i still a newbie

cause your work is rather good compared to most of mine (but i’m getting there)

great work
pitty about the crash (i’m backing up all my work now (lucky most of its either on the net or on cd at my friends house))
i had a crash and lost 3 hours of work (but i don’t think thats as bad as yours)

i lo9ve the guitar pic

i couldn’t help noticing that your website was made using framesets
as i am making one using framesets as well i do understand them.

just a sugestion you could make the menu on the left either scrolling or far smaller (buttons closer to each other vertically)
and the title bar could be made minimal as i am on a laptop with screen width 800x600 and your site doesn’t show on it well as i can’t see the bottom few buttons on the left.

i also had problems like that designing mine

keep on blending!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Bapsis) #5

Well, iv been using Blender for almost one year, and i still consider myself a newbie!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Nayman) #6

i have been using blender for almost 2 and a lha years now.

I am definatly still a newbie.

Frankly, no one ever knows everythign about a program, so we are all newbs in some respect.

(BMD) #7

I can top you all! I have been using blender for almost 4 years and i am still a noob!

i probably shouldn’t brag about those sort of things.


(joecool) #8

No ,bmd, you shouldn’t :smiley:

([email protected]) #9

well i think i been blending for some 4 1/2 months and im definately a newb lol

(9) #10

I AM the nooBest newbie here!! lol
Hey, be proud of your work (unless you play fake modesty to get congratulation :wink: kiddin’). What I can do is far below things I saw on your site…
Far below things I see day after day in here too…
I hate you all !!!(kiddin’ :stuck_out_tongue: )



(Cativo) #11

patma787, not bad…at least you’ve finished what you started! I haven’t
:frowning: 2 yrs at it btw.

(Alltaken) #12

so i am still a newbie then am i

i hope i can so that i can collect all that newbie sympathy and praise.

its just the work that patma787 did seemed to be at an advanced to expert level by some of the tutorial standards

i don’t know it just seemed really good.

personally i think you ain’t a newbie anymore once you have sat using blender for over 12 hours in a row.

or when you understand how to use the shadows feature (that one took me three and a half months to work it out. only found out how to use it two weeks ago)

great work patma787

(Bentagon) #13

my definition of a nOOb is:
“someone who is still learning the basics of a program/game”

so I definitly don’t think you’re a newbie, I really like the things you made…
definitly the skull!
btw, did you do that skull in Blender, coz if you did, this

i have to say, that ive NEVER modelled a human before!! not even a head!! - as i see, you havent either

is wrong

(Litterate) #14

Hey good you asked. I did NOT model the skull. It was a finished file I found somewere. It is on my to do list to note that on my homepage as soon as I can. Thanx for the psoitive feedback.