AAARRGH Can't hear anything in the "Elephant's dream" downloaded AVI

I’ve downloaded the Elephant’s Dream via torrent from the official site and the only player that would plays it at all is my Nero Showtime but there is no sound when I plays it. I’ve tried a variety of sound setting and none of them worked but with number of other avi and mpg the sounds works.

I may be deaf but I can hear the voices with my hearing aid and with my dual screen setup I would be able to follow the conversation with the script that i’ve downloaded from the elephant dream site but only if I can hear the conversation. Any tips on how to fix it? I don’t even know how to update the codec of this player cause I’ve not been able to do much with it execpt enjoying it superb control and quality watching other clips.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried VLC? Get it from here:

Usually works even with damaged files.

Heya. I think the problem is that Nero Showtime just isn’t the right player. It’s not in the list of supported players on the ED site, anyhow.

Have you tried downloading any of the supported players (VLC media player, MPlayer, or Media Player Classic)?

Even better yet, if you have (or are willing to download) iTunes, try downloading the quicktime version of elephant’s dream, and opening it up through iTunes (or maybe Quicktime player, but that never worked for me).

I personaly was never able to get the AVI file to play, so I used the quicktime instead.

Ok I’m downloading the VLC player. Hope the internet stay connected for the download to finish (horrible wireless internet connection)

The reason why I don’t use quicktime is cause it doesn’t allow fullscreen unless i’m willing to pay for the pro edition. not worth it in my opinion.
Though I will consider this as a last resort of having to watch the elephant dream movie.

I just wish that somebody would set up the same deal as ubuntu does to have free cd (DVD in this case) being able to be mailed to most people who want it. The DVD version have subtitle but I don’t know how to connect all of the dvd splitted up files and how to play it without a dvd burner and stuffs. :frowning:

:EDITED: Just finished downloading the VLC and installed it, it worked! but oddly enought when I tried to select all of the script to change the font to a more readable one, I noticed that the end of it cut off in middle of a conversation. Gonna have to go and download it again.

Once I finish watching it, I’ll post my opinion of the movie. Hopefully having to read the script wouldn’t be too distracting. Maybe I’ll copy and paste the text into a html file so I can create a white on black set-up for easier to read and better match of color to the movie.

Actually, the guys at Apple didn’t think it through, because if you get iTunes (which is free) you can watch quicktime files at fullscreen. I guess they didn’t think about what they were doing when they released the quicktime player.

Me too, but I guess the funds just aren’t there to be shipping out free DVDs.


AAAARRGH again, turns out that the script from the site are not completed. Is that the whole movie? ending in

Eight: Emo creates.

synopsis: We’re still in the tiled room, Emo walks away from Proog and the walls move to accommodate him…- It’s as if he’s walking down a hallway, or a continuously expanding room

EMO You’re sick, man!
EMO(Contd.) stay away from me
PROOG No!! Emo! It’s a trap!
EMO At your left side you can see… the hanging gardens of Babylon! How’s that for a trap?
EMO At your right side you can see…
Guess what! the colossus of Rhodes!
The colossus of Rhodes and it’s here just for you Proog

PROOG It is there
I’m telling you
It is

Is if does, then i’ll watch the whole thing. I didn’t want to read the script so I won’t lose anything in watching the movie. But if not then could somebody point me to complete script to use for this purpose?

Oh ok thanks, I’ll check it out.

“PROOG It is there
I’m telling you
It is”

Yup, that’s the last line.

oh ok that seems short. oh well I’ll check it out and post my opinion of the movie then. thanks for all of the info.

:confused::confused: The whole time i’ve been under the impression that this movie was a full length movie (like 1 1/2 - 2 hours) but it not. Sure it is very good for a semilong-short but doesn’t seems good enought to me to warrant all of the attention to it. the story I didn’t really get unless it is something like proog being trapped in the mind of emo or some twisted concept like that.

Producing a full length cg movie in half a year is somewhat impossible.

@radscientist: I know what you mean, you wouldn’t think that it would be so huge, but it’s a big milestone for blender’s capabilities and publication. Plus, project orange is tied to the official blender website, so it’s bound to get a ton of publicity. Plus, the art is really cool. :slight_smile:

AWESOME this was just what I needed to see my DVD and I’ve had just bought the Castle in the Sky DVD but still couldn’t hear anything from it until I tried it out with the VLC. THANKS!!!

Yup, VLC is what I get to play anything that WMP or Media Player Classic won’t touch. For awhile VLC was fubar on my PC, but suddenly it started working and now I use it to play all the feature length movies that cough just mysteriously show up on my PC.

Lol same here already. Now the biggest issue of my computer is the fact that I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to get my wireless card to work on my ubuntu (I got winXP/Ubuntu dual-boot in case u r wondering how i’m on the forum) I want to be able to use Ubuntu for everything that is not window-exclusive like games and certain files.

Same here again haha.

I’ve given up on Linux until I get a new Linux friendly wireless adaptor.

Radscientist: You might find ndiswrapper useful. Ndiswrapper allows you to use Windows drivers for you WLAN adapter.

Or you may have to download kernel headers (not included with Ubuntu :() and compile suitable driver into kernel.

1h30min of elephant psychadelia would just kill you people.


The features on the DVD set reveal that they started making scenes for Elephants Dream before they scripted it out / fully knew where they were going with it. They were very time pressured for their projects (numerous deadlines) and they must have done pretty well to get something of a comlex plot from it all. I had to watch it several times before I finally felt I could understand it. It helped to hear DVD commentaries when the director pointed out that Emo doesn’t actually see anything that is going on around him… it’s completely in Proog’s mind. The “just for you” sarcasm suddenly made a lot of sense.

Yeah i have the .deb of the ndiswrapper on my usb stick but I have no idea how to install it. I have not been able to install anything on any linux distro execpt through repositories like the Synapsic (sorry for bad spelling).

Now I understand the movie though not how proog hallucation came to be or why Emo listen to him about things that he can’t see. Thanks. The reason why I can’t watch the DVD commentaries is that i’m not sure if there a subtitle for a deaf guy like myself and I don’t want to waste time downloadig the clips on my bad connection (downloading the elephant dream was a bit of a nightmare at times)