AAARRRGGHH! Blender not working!

okay. maybe not the best place to post this, but whatever.
so i have blender 2.43. i am trying to get 2.45. every time i try to install 2.45, it downloads and when i try to run it, it says its missing the MSVCR71.dll
then it tells me that re-installing would fix it. but it doesnt! where do i need to go, or what do i need to download?

You running this in windows? I had a similar problem but with a different file. I just downloaded the missing file and stuck it into windows directory then reloaded. Everything works fine now (just keep in mind I’m no expert).

Here’s a link for you>

Thanks, i appreciate it very much. this thing has been bugging me for awhile.

Also installing python 2.5 (which is what is requiring the dll) fixes it also,


thanks to you too.