Deep breath…Okay
I am having PROBLEMS with blender.
I have a spotlight set to halo, with ray shadow enabled, ray, and shadow enabled in the render buttons.

When I place a cube or plane in fron of the spotlight, the shadow-casting works fine, but the halo beam goes right through the object! What is wrong?! In earlier blender versions, The spotlight halo beam was “cut”, and it passed AROUND an object, not through it. What is going on?!

I’m using build 6/11 bf-blender

It sounds like halos only work with buffer [the old way] shadows

if you absolutely need ray shadows you could probably do it with another lamp that casts no light or something…

as z3r0 d said, make sure that you use shadow buffers ‘Buff.Shadow’, also (and this sounds like what has gone wrong) turn up ‘Halo Step’ from zero to a non zero number, 1 gives the best value, 12 gives the worst results (but it is faster).

for the best halo calculations, enable the unified renderer, in renderbuttons (the green button at the lower right).

hope that helps

ps. please be more descriptive when describing your problem, so that people who understand it will be able to hep you more effectivly.

OH…Thanks! :smiley: