AAO, cubic shading, SUN Soft Shadows, Glossy Reflection - ALL in 1

Realy all this new features in 1 render… :spin:

Nothing special… but… test passed GOOD!

left monkey with normal shading, right one with cubic, floor got glossy reflection, and sun soft shadows sample = 6 with thersold…
RENDER time 6min 55sek only! on Laptop - Celeron M 1,6 - 850Mb ram


This also demonstrates that people will manage to produce crap images no matter how good the renderer is :wink:

cipix - maybe you demonstrate something in BLENDER TESTS or maybe get your ass to [B]Focused Critique forum !!

[/B]PS. nice renault scenic

Please lower the green to a darker shade. It is very bright to the eye.

Sorry KRUChY, I didn’t want to offend you, I was trying to make a joke.

ok cipix - we’re COOL - but maybe YOU can help me making Brushed Stainless Steel texture - i wanted floor to be like on bottom of this sample page

Now that you changed the color of the floor change the monkey also from that ugly default gray.

You can add a brushed metal texture to the floor and set it to affect NOR (bump map). and render that.

Maybe this one:

yes - but what abuot setting ANSITROPY? - i’m interested in it - how to set to look good.

Now fighting with GLASS to… :smiley:

new render - Rtime 40min - much toooooo long

any advice how to make glass render faster? or any other ray-trace mat?? or maybe how to fake raytraced-GLASS ??
and still no ansitropy reflections on floor :frowning:


Kruchy, have you already tried these?:

I’ve only tried using the first one and it looks more like brushed aluminum, but it probably won’t take you much to adjust that.

thx oddBOX - i will try it and look in Blender Material Repository :smiley:

No problem, you can see an example of the first material in a thread i just created here:


K I think the first pic is fine, them other peeps are just being bungholios.