Aarrgghh! Another question already!

HELP! I just made a blender video, and when i saved it, the animation will only play properly in blender, it won’t play back properly when i play the .avi file-there are weird “jumps” that the video makes, like it is missing out frames. Here’s what i saved it to:

File type: .avi raw

Colour: RGB

Size: x=306 y=315

Output: tmp

any help would be much appriecieated as i can’t watch it…:no::frowning: or upload it to youtube. What file type should i save it as so i can upload the animation to youtube?

Don’t use avi.raw, use a more practical file format like an image sequence, xvid, H264 that other players can easily open.

“raw” = uncompressed = large file size = chokes most all players. I’m surprised the Blender player manages it well at all, though the overall image size is relatively small. Almost all media players expect compressed (encoded) data. As mentioned use a codec option like Xvid or H.264 to compress your video for smoother playback. In Blender that’s the “AVI codec” option, or, if using both image and sound, the FFMPEG option (which also requires choosing a codec).

Also, your pixel dimensions are rather odd. 306x315 is a slightly vertical square image aspect ratio, something some players may have trouble with and will probably cause probs with web display venues like youtube and Vimeo, which will convert your file for streaming & maybe (probably) stretch it to fit a standard format in the process. If you must have that image aspect ratio you may want to “letterbox” it.