aasm271 demo reel

good day everyone. i would like to present my demo reel. these are the compilation of my 3d works. This is all possible with Blender (of course :)), zbrush, after effects, and photoshop.

great models and great animations.

but you could work a little more on the presentation:

  • you should low the music volume when the lipsncs appear
  • I personally don’t think the music suits the feeling of the video

Nice work, the Hulk Hogan lip sync is off by enough to be a distraction from the animation, and some of the turntables are too long. I do agree that the music for the presentation doesn’t fit the pace of the presentation.

Holy %*#$. How on earth did you rig that robot. It’s amazing. Oh, and very nice textures and facial animations.

The art is fantastic, however, if you are planing on using this to get work I would cut it down in size. Probably 1min is a perfect length, put the best of what you have in there and keep it short and sharp. Remember, you are going to be judged on the crappiest piece of work in the reel, so showing less is more. Also, it gives the employer less time to get bored and miss out on some of the cool stuff you have in the middle.

thank you for your feedback guys and im sorry about the lip sync, music and the lenght. i will take those into account and create a new one. thank you rfor viewing :slight_smile:

I had no idea you were this talented…excuse me while I pick up my jaw.

I agree about the length, it needs editing.

@3dmentia : thank you sir. i will edit the lenght :slight_smile: