Abandoned Airport


1st work with outdoor setup and 1st attempt with “warmer” colours.

Kinda dont know how to make ground more sand-looking.

Focused critique… Okay. I’ll try not to get carried away. :slight_smile:

  • planes of this type don’t have a fuselage and wings made of metal
  • there’s no sign of the third prop blade; if it simply rusted off, it would be sticking out of the sand near the front of the plane
  • flat tires don’t take on that shape
  • the prop blades, as they rust, would start to bend with gravity
  • the wings and fuselage would have rips and ragged bits

fixed propeller, tires and wings, but dont know if rigs on wingscanbe seen…
as i check on reference images wings and fuselage are sometimes made of something metalic or/and wood.


Okay. Great-looking scene. However, the airplane is overblown rusty. Planes just don’t get in that poor condition, even if they’re sitting there since WW1. That material is good, but you would expect it on the wreck of the Titanic, not on a plane that has never touched water. Second, what are those little cylinders lying all over the ground? Bombs? They don’t give the impression of rocks, IMHO. Lastly, work on the tower. It’s just like, walls, window. There should be seats, control panels, and all that jazz on the inside. Other than that a great effort!

Aircraft are made of aluminium so very little rust would be present, however the paint would be faded from the sun and peeling off especially where it is subject to rain falling on it, and towards where the sun is. In the engine area the cylinders are usually visible and fins for heat sinking would surround them. The wings are usually supported with more cables in a cross pattern as to having the solid bars.

You may be interested in looking at a sight like this They are accurate models of antique planes.

those little cylinders are suposed to be rocks…
about insides of tower, i’m not really sure is it worth putting it, cause blur and distance but will try :wink:
will try with other materials too… but after weekend

remodelled and reworked plane a bit

Hmmm… i love the idea of it, but still something is flat. I think you should work on the ground first of all : it’s sandy, while in the background there are rocky mountains. Look at this type of ground : http://img.weburbanist.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/abandoned-russian-airplane-5.jpg

Secondly, the “stand” (i don’t know how to call it) on the left of the picture, well, it makes it more look like a bedouin campsite rather that an abandoned airport. Get rid of it ! Instead, try to add a few elements you are likely to find in an airport : a hangar, broken planes, perhaps parts of a terminal (with broken glass), spare parts… This image might help : http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7186/7026183581_89cdac0a64_z.jpg

I like the rust on the plane, but it has a few shiny spots : this isn’t consistent, you should get a texture, not Rust; but Dust (nice rhyme :P)

Finally, the color scheme should change : you have a dominant brown-ish colour which makes it look like a desert scene. Try something more like grey/blue (because it is close to the color of concrete and metal, which are the things you find the most in a an airport). Here is an image to give you an idea : http://www.earth-issues.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Chernobyl-Today-A-Creepy-Story-told-in-Pictures-funfair1.jpg

I’m impatient to see what this will look like

It looks like gold flakes are on the propeller. :spin:
And WAY too much rust for my taste.
Other than that… I like it! And good focus effect!