Abandoned Highway Tunnel

Hey there
I wanted to share my latest project with you guys. An abandoned highway tunnel, covered in green.
Since its my passion to toy around with my nature assets and light, I came up with a rather simple approach this time, creating a common highway tunnel with some stylish holes in the ceiling to let in daylight.

This allowed me to get some nice bounce light, throughout the tunnel.
Rather new for me this time was the use of a free model from turbosquid, since I mostly rely on my own creations solely.

I heavily retextured the car I downloaded for this scene to fit the environment. I thought it’d be nice for it to light up the area with a singe headlight, leaving it unknown why its still burning.

The bushes are mostly modelled after beech trees and some oak trees. Specifically for this scene, I wanted to have a kind of mossy ground. Reaching this I used a juniper leave texture and scattered it using particles. Figured, due to its hair like structure, this would be the preferred solution over geometry nodes.

The scene was rendered in Cycles with 1024 Samples + Post Process Denoise


This looks Incredible! I’m curious how you got it too look so… Real. Are any of the plants photo-scans?

Good use of light. The translucent leaves turned out very nice. This image has a nice feel to it.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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