Abandoned Hospital

Hello everyone ! :grinning:

Today I’d like to present you a scene I’ve been working on during the past weeks. Despite creating colourful, vivid artworks, I’ve always loved horror/spooky scenes so I decided to give it a try, which is quite the opposite of what I’m used to do !

Main scene, rendered with Cycles at 256 samples, with the help of denoising

Ambient Occlusion pass with some tweaks, useful to have a better view of the scene

I wanted to depict an abandonned hospital, urbex-type of environment with lots of demolished things, with nothing but a flashlight to light the scene, as a way to say “if this light goes out, it’s pitch-black”. It was an interesting challenge to work with a only-one light source, because I had to find some way to add more depth to the scene, as the flashlight was close to the camera and suppressed a lot of the shadows.

I’ve drawn my inspirations from many great artists online, by the SCP foundation creepypasta, and by a lot of indie horror videogames I played in the past years.

A render of the SCP-like monster I created for the main scene

The same render but with a different lighting I like

Everything has been modeled in Blender 2.83, except the debris which are photoscanned with the help of Meshroom. Texturing in Substance Painter, a little bit of sculpting work in ZBrush, and composited in Photoshop.

The scene has been rendered in Cycles, 256 samples with denoising.

Here is the link to the Artstation project which includes better quality renders, with wireframe views and all : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/5Xleb1
You will also find the Artstation project of the monster I created for the scene.

In the meantime, I wish you a great day :slight_smile: !


Haha i knew it

Hello xeonow, may I ask you what did you know ? :grin:

This pic. I saw it on artstation

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Oh ! Right ! This was indeed my artwork you’ve seen on Artstation. I’m quite surprised though, that you saw it, because of the fact I’m not a Plus/Pro Artstation user, and it seems regular accounts are less shown than the others. Glad to see it can still be seen, anyway !