Abandoned House Tutorial Artwork

Hey guys, I wanted to share my latest artwork.

This project was largely inspired by the abandoned areas of Seattle we get to explore in The Last of Us Part II. I tried to capture the captivating beauty of nature taking over what is no longer ours and to tell the story of the people who are long gone as well as those who came after.

I got hired by Blender Guru/Poliigon in April and I’ll be creating artworks for future tutorials too. This was my first one so it’s a very special project to me. I thought I would also give you some insight into what everyone’s role was just to make sure it’s clear (I’ve seen some confusion about that) - I’m the artwork guy, I do it just to look good in the video and as a thumbnail (Andrew art directs it) and then it goes to Bill Barber and Andrew Price to optimize the workflow to teach in a video which is lots of work (a couple of weeks in this case). A lot of the methods you see in the tutorial are not my ideas but I wish I did use them :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments. And lastly, I hope you like the project :slight_smile:



I was just about to write that looks exactly like the tutorial until i read the text. =D

Great work and its on my list to try out.

Just a quick note you should post it either a day before or early on Friday so it gets featured in the blendernation blog.


Thank you so much, be sure to post it as I’d love to see other interpretations of the theme :smiley:

And yeah, I realized it’s Friday when @bartv started commenting on the featured artworks the second I posted this one :sweat_smile:


Thanks to read the text before be confused :slight_smile: Congratulation for you because of this amazing final look and congratulation for whole team for put so many work time in this very helpful tutorial! :slight_smile:

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You did an amazing job on this!!

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This video made me realize I’ve been doing everything the hard way. Awesome tut, man! :smiley:

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@senteria Thanks a lot! Glad it’s clear because I’ve seen lots of confusion on artstation and reddit.

@valera Thank you very much!

@Renzatic Thanks, in the video everything is done the way I’d wish I’ve done it. I did a lot of the things manually but Andrew does know how to teach the right methods in a video :wink:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot, Bart! Have a good one too!

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I had watched the tutorial and I saw Andrew say your name, but I couldn’t figure out the spelling so i couldn’t find your art page, but this is terrific ! Look forward to your future work with Andrew!
I have been wanting to make a realistic building scene like this for a long time, so this was really exciting to see this tutorial.

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Thanks a lot, I’m so happy to hear that! And can’t wait to see your interpretation of the theme. I understand your struggle with my last name’s spelling. Even people here in Poland get it wrong quite often so I’m not surprised it’s hard to decipher :sweat_smile: