Abandoned House

I wanted to start a scene that involed no pressure on me to get it done so I started this one yesterday, I had to redo the railing for the stars today but here is what I have so far the floor boards need some work so there aren’t so big of gaps between each.


personally, unless you’re having something under the floorboards, i would just texture them on, or not bevel them so much. Right now the bevelling pulls them apart a little more than it should, i think. Looking forward to seeing more of this as it continues!

You can post your house here too.

heres a small update, I think im going to redo the stairs though, they dont have the look I want.


I’d fix the floor boards first. Also, the door shouldn’t extend below the floor boards.

maybe make the door shorter, and crooked, so you can have light going through the bottom, also work on those floorboards. for later, maybe put some loose nails, old tools/furniture, etc.