Abandoned industrial train station


i finished my newest image. I worked on it for several months with varying degrees of intensity.

Modelling in Blender.
Render in Cycles.
Post-Pro in Blender and Photoshop.



Click for full view!

  • Manuel


Great work ! Weird covered garden for locomotive. I like it.

Is the image really that small or did you accidentally leave the image size percentage value at something like 25 percent?

I can barely make out any detail in it.

Nice picture. GP-40?

Steve S

@Ace Dragon: It is a Full HD picture. You just have to click on it to enlarge.

Nice work with lots of detail. But the clarity is missing in final render. You are trying to show everything all at once. Good image has clarity. And here is what I mean:

An image of old train in a depot: strong close up of the train.

Train station sky light architecture: train sit to the side out of main focus.

Dilapidated space: focused on texture.

Ace Dragon is right, you messed up the image hotlink. It’s here: https://manuell3d.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/train_render_final1.png

@spacetug: For me the link works perfectly fine :O, maybe you have to clear your Browsers cache…
I linked exactly to the file you just linked.