Abandoned jail cell

here’s my abandone jail cell


c&c please

and yes i now the egdes are jagged and i need to turn on OSA

nice work.

make the corners smoother. a cell that old would have more wear.

also, the floor to wall joints need to be better in textures. it wouldn’t go from one color to the other, if made of the same material they will weather similarly.

SamAdam: is this what you meant?


that is better, but I am still thinking how that dark stain would have gotten on the wall but not on the floor in some areas. if it was, say, blood, it would have run down, water too.

Looks like Dutroux’ basement. :o

Try dirtying it up a bit…
The walls should not, in the shape they are in, be that clean!
Maybe try adding dirt to where the walls hit the floor: that way, not only do the walls look better, but they the seem will look more convincing. (As is, it looks like the walls went onto the floor AFTER it was beat up…
Try adding some other things to unify the structure, scratches that run from the wall onto the floor.

anygood tips on how to make it look dirtier?

You can have several textures in a single material, each one affecting different attributes. “Dirty,” to me, not only refers to the lightness and darkness of the surface, but also its specularity. Dirt doesn’t reflect light.

The color of your lighting is important, too. An abandoned jail-cell would be lit by, maybe, a too-small incandescent bulb in the hallway. Very reddish yellow light. And the specularity-color, for such specularity as there may be (not much!) would be very very close to that same color.

Probably the most intriguing aspect of the original shot was the … “Ugh! What is that?!”substance that was on the floor, as though it were oozing out of the perforated veins of something and had dried on the floor. Just a hint of story. To me, that’s what makes a picture “click.” And it can be the merest suggestion of … something … placed almost casually in the picture for the viewer to discover it. I’d like to see you emphasize that.

I like the hardness of the first texture on the floor, a lot more rubish is wlked in over the floor than on a wall. markings chnge.

will thier be a door/gate or you need some sort of destroyed loking mecanism or hinges were the door once hung (prehaps just the wholesin the wall)

graffity on the wall in the cell, it happens

nice pic though

sundialsvc4: are the lights better now??


maybe a bit to dark?

Ya. I can’t see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

how do i do so the texture follows the wall dwon and onto the floor??

Photo realistic.

With UV-mapping you can define how the texture should act.

yeah, you can make the walls and the floor the same object and just use one big uvmap on all of it, making sure that there aren’t seams where you want the textures to be continuous.

in fact, you may not even need to align the map too much because the floor and walls can look similar.