Abandoned Mineshaft

Hi guys,
I haven’t been using Blender for quite a while now but thought I’d get back into it. This is my 3rd ever scene render, and 2nd time using the compositor, so I’d appreciate any constructive feedback I can get.
I’m trying to go for an old mineshaft look, with a few lanterns and barrels to add a bit of detail and depth.
Personnaly I think the shaft walls are the weakest component, especially the ceiling part. I also think that perhaps the lanterns and foreground barrel are the strongest parts.
Everything modelled myself… eh not sure what else to say…

The link to it is here: http://pauljoyceuk.com/images/blenderRenderCave.png
(hope hotlinking is allowed on here? Soz Admin if it isn’t, I just cant resize it atm)

Awesome scene! I think it has lots of potential. Please keep working on it, I’d love to see it completed.
Here are my suggestions and comments:
1- I disagree with you about the walls. The walls are awesome, imo. They are just spot-on. Good job here.
2- Work on the ground. It sucks. It’s too flat and regular. Make it of dirt, not cement. Also, reduce that bump map, it’s too much.
3- I think the lighting is good, I like the compositing you did. I can notice Andrew Price’s influence here?
4- Add more stuff—like abandoned pickaxes left behind by the miners. The barrels don’t look abandoned either, they are neither distressed nor thrown around. Some dust accumulation and even cobwebs should be expected. Add something that gives the scene some meaning, like a gem or something, or a skeleton, I don’t quite know.
Anyway, like I said, keep working on it, it looks great.

Thanks for the quick and comprehensive reply. From verbal feedback it seems people really don’t like the floor… so I think it’ll have to go :slight_smile:
Cobwebs and other mining equipment is a brilliant idea, should really help set the scene. With the cobwebs do you think I could just get some images and project them onto a plane? If the alpha value is set it might work.
Haha yeah Andrew Price tutorials shining through with the compositor - amazed someone can tell by looking at someone elses render! Keen eyes :slight_smile:
Thanks for the encouragement too

The thing about the floor of a mineshaft is that it’s usually made out of wall, with a bit of dirt and grit on top. At the moment it looks like someone just laid a cement floor and it’s still wet.

I think you could maybe scale the wall texture up a little. At the moment it’s a bit too fine, like it’s been chiselled out with a hand tool.

I was actually down a mine on Wednesday and this looks pretty good! :smiley: A few observations:

  • Floor needs to be more like the walls like everyone says.
  • The vertical struts need to be vertical (inclined props like this are not as stable) and should be right against the wall.
  • The texture of the walls looks spot on, my only crit here is they look too rounded, the mine road here would have near vertical walls or even bulging in towards the road itself.

Great atmosphere and render, well done!

I think “Abandoned” is a misnomer in this case. Who puts working lamps into an abandoned mine shaft - no one. If it was abandoned your image should just be pitch black. hahahah :slight_smile:

I’m in agreement with everyone else. Especially the barrels - they look brand new, they should be broken and decayed a little.

Good point, but… the mine I was down recently was abandoned but lit. :cool:

Now you’ve pointed it out the texturing on the walls definately could do with a slight tweak. I see what you mean about the chiselled effect. I want to try and get more slab like feel to the layers of rock, but until Andrew Price releases his nature scene I cant find any tutorials on it lol

Will try and remodel the walls; looking at it now it almost likes like its been cut into the rock using those massive circular underground mining vehicles, needless to say are much bigger and more modern than i was trying to convey here. Will spend more time researching the general shape of the tunnel.

Yeah good point, will try and decay up the barrels a bit, perhaps even go as far as modelling a broken one.

If anyone has any good tutorials on modelling slabs or layers of rock please let me know, I think it’d definately be helpful and really give this scene extra punch. Thanks for your feedback so far