Abandoned Mining Station

This is my entry for the “Abandoned Space Station” challenge on CG Boost. Leave comments!

Now listing and adrift, this derelict station built into an asteroid was once a hub of the region’s mining industry. This unforgiving environment forced it’s desertion once the resources of the ring were depleted, rendering the risks of continued operation no longer acceptable.
This was my entry for CG Boost’s 31st art challenge. The theme was abandoned space station. After a few do overs and two weeks of no access to a computer, this final version took four days of my evening hours to produce. Some of the greatest challenges this project presented me with were how to wrangle procedural volumes to my will and just how to make the scene look large while still making the subject matter clear. I do not have a lot of experience creating large environments as those who follow my work will know.
The render process itself took about an hour for the 4K version at 512 samples on a 1080 Ti. All of the assets were modeled or sculpted in Blender. There are a total of seven materials all sharing the same two PBR texture sets.
Most importantly, I had a lot of fun creating it!