abandoned peugeot concept #1

This was my first attempt at a peugeot concept design - blending the boxy-but-good lines of the 205GTi with a ‘japanese high-performance’ aspect.

I can’t be bothered working on it any more as i am moving on to something altogether more ‘conceptual’, so i’m calling it ‘finished’


Everything but the front looks good.

Looks like it had a car crash, but without the damage. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it looks good.

Whoa… mean. 8)

Why not flex the renderer a little more and turn it in?

you mean like this?


Why is the concept abandoned?

Keep working on it! :smiley:

It has potential. Just a few little fixes and its fine.

I agree with redbyte. It’s really not that bad. I myself think the front is definitely different from the “standard” but not in a bad way. I like the lights too. Seriously, it deserves a shot. Also, can’t you submit multiple concepts? (I may be wrong, I haven’t really looked into it…) I’d submit that and then a more “standard conceptual” design.

Yes, awesome.

Kind of backwards workflow - making what looks like a ‘concept sketch’ from a 3D model instead of the other way round, but this turned out quite nicely


Nice model :smiley:

How did u modell it? NURBS?

woah. me like me like.
I especially like the headlights and the ‘grill’ thing. Keep it up.

How did you do the concept sketch style? Was this a render setting (I had seen some plugins like this before) or did you just draw over it after the fact?

Flaringo: I used subdivision surfaces, just looked at some ref. pics on the net , laid out the basic dimensions using a rough polygonal ‘template’, and just built each panel, side-profile-first using extrude and knife tools, combined with a lot of vertex-tweaking.

The front i just made up and did what looked right while trying to keep the front very tight to the front of the wheel-arches, and everything else about the car is loosely based on the 205Gti.

Periodically i duplicate and mirror the mesh so i can see the whole cars dimensions and volumes, and once the model looks mostly right i join each piece at the seam down the middle, and thats it really.

Timmah_45: thanks - the ‘grille’ that everyone keeps referring to as a grille is in fact a turbo intercooler. I was going to do a ‘bonnet-up’ shot to show off an engine, and some bloody massive turbos, but that will have to wait for my next attempt.

inkdoodles: This was post-processed in the GIMP. Actually i drew in where i wanted the ‘sketch lines’ using Inkscape - and then the image was duplicated on several layers and a set of filters run on the top layer to get the ‘sketchy lines’ from the render, and the base layer levels-adjusted and colourised.

If that’s the intercooler then where is the radiator?

behind the intercooler , of course :slight_smile: air is ducted from the two areas on either side of the intercooler through the radiator.