Abandoned Places - contest entry

So Nehpets & TheWoods have a modelling contest going on here and I figured I had been away from blender long enough. Time to jump back in and give it a go for a bit (damn Quake 4 for taking up all my time).

So I am modelling an abandoned cathedral interior. This is based on the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception here in Mobile, Al. (god i gotta get outta this town).

The cathedral was recently renovated, so all my reference pics are nice and clean (yuck). So I am having to extrapolate in my head what I think it would look like if it had been abandoned for a while.

I am imagining the image as being at night, with full moonlight for lighting the scene. I have the modelling down for rough composition at the moment. The main lightsource is going to be the holes in the ceiling/walls, and through the broken glass of the stained glass windows. I have not even started the wall on the left side of the image with the stained glass yet, but that is next.

I was hoping to be able to use some volumetric light to my advantage here to put emphasis on interesting parts of the image. At the moment the rough modelling shows shapes drawing the eye to the altar, and I wanted shafts of light illuminating parts of the scene across those lines.

At any rate, not alot here at the moment detail-wise. This is definitely one of those images where texturing is going to really make or break it for sure. Since this is my weakest area at the moment, I am really using this as an opportunity to learn a few new things!



Hello pld!

You sure do not need to learn how to model corinthian column tops. These are great! The whole scene is looking amazing already!

Can’t wait to see more.


Could we get a close up on those pillar tops? They look excellent, would just like a closer look.

Great work so far!

Just a quick update to prove to myself that this project is not dead :wink:

been very busy with work stuff (and quake 4 doesnt help either), so i decided to sit down and begin working a little bit more diligently on things. I have the majority of the major composition done, now it gets down to the really really really hard parts: texturing and details.

i really think the textures will make or break this image, so i want to make sure i do it justice. alot of test renders to get volumetric lighting shining through a broken stained glass window sort of stuff. fun fun.

anyway, here is a small update with one of the columns broken and laying in its final position, with a couple of larger pieces of debris…


A very nice start. The colums are very well done especially the top.

There is something that bothers me right now is the fact that there is a fallen colum. Structuruly speaking, wont the building fall down because of the fallen colum? I dont know exacly how a church is build but I am sure those large pillars are main parts of the structure. Just wondering.

I am waiting for that left wall though :smiley:

Good job so far.

Thank you Slepnyrl :slight_smile:

The crowns are really simple, actually. I figured at the distance they will be from the camera, and the darkness of the image will not require them to be toooo detailed.

So for mr_bomb, here is a closer look at the crowns:


See, not so impressive up close, are they? :wink:

“Not too impressive?!” :o They’re great!

Really, I think you have this scene “nailed.” Now, just think about the lighting. A wash of colored light, maybe yellow for sunlight with some blue in the darker places. The broken column is a nice touch. A simple scene will convey the idea very well here.

would it be possible or reasonably plausible to use yafray or some filter or the lighting to change the color of the light for the stained glass? It would add a very nice effect. Add the halo and dust particle and you have an awesome light.

The top of the colums is simple yet just what is needed to achieve the desired effect :D.

whoa, watch it, my head won’t fit out the door if you keep it up sundial :wink:

Thank you for the nice comments (nothing to keep a guy at it like positive encouragement and feedback!).

The stained glass: I had some cool test renders at home for how I was going to have the stained glass affect the colors on the scene. The problem was I was going to use Yafray to render the scene (for some lighting effects through the stained glass), but still wanted volumetric lighting using the internal renderer (unless yaf does volume lighting? haven’t checked).

I’ll dig up my quick and dirty tests to show you what I mean.

I was going to make this a night scene, with a cold, white moonlight streaking in through cracks, broken windows, and parts of the building that will be collapsed (yes, the broken column will have part of the roof above it collapsing). But I was also considering a daytime scene to lighten it up a bit. I just figured the cold, white moonlight would lend an air of somberness, and abandonness (is that even a word?) to the scene.

[edit] Here is one of the stained glass tests I did last week [/edit]


Of course, any suggestions on techniques for running light through stained glass effectively would certainly be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Looks great to me! The colored shadow from the window should be brighter… since the white one is brighter than everything… doesn’t look right to me. Know what i mean? lol

The columns look GREAT! Keep it up!

thanks DM, i’ll try a few with a brighter projection of the stained glass. I am trying now to figure out how i want to approach the multiple broken panes for volumetric lighting to come through on…