Abandoned Places- Friend

I know I wasn’t personally invited Nephets, but you do have a “join us” link in your sig… so I just kind of made this, because I thought it would be fun to do.

Rendered in two passes, a little touch up in the post pro, and color correction. (click on the image to see full size)


The shader of the creepy character needs some work, but
maybe that is just my opinion.
Nice job with shadows.

I actually toned down the spec on his back in post pro, but couldn’t go much further without it starting to look like there was no reason for the shadow. It’s a give and take. The best I could hope for is that he wouldn’t look like he’s made of plastic.

Did you try the SSS script from Makehuman?

ugly AA on the full size version, but looks ok in the smaller one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… actally that is part of the problem. The SSS script uses vertice colors as extra light, making it difficult to set up proper lighting conditions. In other words his texture becomes brighter than his surroundings. I had the same problem with the fur on the bear because of the particles systems. So both of them I tried to adjust by rendering two passes. I brought the reflection down on them, and then made a shadow/color pass.

Then I still had to grab sections of them and do color corections. I hand painted some of the shadows in to let them sit in the scene better, but if someone knows an easier way to deal with the extra light created. Im all ears.

traitor said:

ugly AA on the full size version, but looks ok in the smaller one

Man… the crits here burn the soul.

These are pretty fine details, but ya I hear it.

very creepy! well done!


Thanks, I appreciate your comment a lot. Good/bad… it was a lot of work.

Yeah :smiley: scary…

Your character has some issues with limbs, hands and feet - but it’s a really sympathic, funny image.


Cleaned up the AA, at the cost of some of the lighting that I liked. Don’t know if this is an improvement or not.

Click on image for large version (warning 1600x1200)