Abandoned Power Plant

This is what I have so far:

high rez: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87976011/Photos/example%208%20effects.png
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I have a lot of stuff to fix and add, but I would like some ideas for stuff in the room where the camera is. What should be on the walls/roof? What random objects should be in there? What should I do to improve the lighting?

I want the scene to either feel like an underground mine or in an secret abandoned warehouse of sorts. I leaning more towards the warehouse, but either way would be good.

If it’s a warehouse, I guess it should have some warehouse stuff in it, like dolly’s and boxes.

This is my first real project, and any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!


I’d move the camera in just a little on the door. Right now, whatever you do end up putting beyond the door, it’s going to feel cramped. Make it more prominent, while keeping the “through the door” mystery. The materials look very good so far, but the edges of the doorway need to be sharpened a little, the inside corners especially seem too rounded.

The walls outside the door could use some attention as well. Some pipes, vents, or grates to suggest the facility is vast or buried underground? Maybe some kind of security console near the door to suggest it’s secure and forbidden nature (or a damaged console to show the facility is abandoned). Obviously there’s a lot of ways to take a picture like this, but once you’ve figured out what kind of story it’s telling the details you need to convey that should fall into place.

Hope some of that gave you a few ideas!

Awesome ideas, thanks. Any more ideas for the lighting? Can’t get it quite right. I figure I should use a spotlight lamp, but I’m not sure how to use it.

Thanks again!

I like the basic lighting setup you have so far, with the bright cone coming out of the doorway. My intuition would be to push it further, and make the doorway brighter and the corridor darker, but given that we don’t even know what you’re going to put behind the doorway yet I wouldn’t worry about it too much. A lot is going to change regardless and it’ll be easier to figure out the lighting once more of the scene geometry is in place.

It looks a little dry to me. Some glossy for wet spots, or even some smoke to make it look dank.

Yeah, I’m definitely going to add some smoke, especially to the room with the orb.

Awesome. I thought about it, and I think I want it to be an abandoned power plant, with the orb sitting on a pedestal with a bunch of wires coming out of it. Here is an updated image from yesterday, I like the lighting in this one a lot more, though it still can be improved:

high res: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87976011/Photos/Example%203.png
Going to work on the walls some more and maybe the lighting. Then I’m going to think of objects to add and maybe some materials for the orb.

Here is an update. Added pipes, wires, textures for the roof and back wall, rust on the lamp, and messed with the lighting (which idk if I’m happy with). Lemme know if I should add some stuff.

high res: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87976011/Photos/example%207.png

Any tips on lighting would be good. I want the front room to be dark and creepy, but I also want to be able to see the details in the room.

Honestly, looking at it more, the whole shape isn’t really doing it for me. It’s the combination of square hallway and square door; the squares fail to contrast with each other and it’s robbing the image of its focal point. It also doesn’t say “underground facility/warehouse/military base” very much. Feels cramped and generic. Not to suggest too radical of a change, but maybe embed the door in an arch? Like Cheyenne Mountain or a similar military installation. I’ve made a quick mockup to show what I’m thinking here:

Does that look rightish to you?

I also think the yellow metal is a little garish for your scene, and the door way itself could use, well, a door. Or at least, the suggest of where one would go- like a sliding track in the floor? Anyway, hope some of this sounds helpful.

Awesome ideas! Some really good stuff here, and I like the arch idea. But, I am not sure it would be right for this scene. I agree, at the moment it is way to square, but I am planning on fixing by adding more stuff to the walls and to the scene. I think that will break the feeling of a square room and make it feel more natural. Even if that doesn’t work, I kind of want a small crowded space to make the viewer a little uneasy. I think the arch kind of makes it feel like a bunker of sorts (which looks awesome btw, and you should totally make something out of it) but again, I’m going for a abandoned power plant feel. I want the room to be the main power source tucked away in the safest place of the power plant. I guess I’m not really achieving that idea either at the moment. Maybe I should add some more stuff and flesh out my plan before making any decisions. Do have any other suggestions? You don’t need to make an awesome example like the one you made just now haha.

Also, you totally read my mind because I was going to put a sliding door with a keypad next to it!

Thanks again, for the example and the help.

Here is the latest up date.

(no effects)

(edited in PS a bit)

full res: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87976011/Photos/example%208%20effects.png

Any thoughts would help!

It’s been awhile, but does anyone have any suggestions. I want to finish this!

The words 'Chernoby’l and ‘Pripyat’ suddenly appear. Good creativity. Keep it up!