Abandoned Powerhouse - MAJOR UPDATE (see bottom)

This was going to be my WC #90 entry, but i didn’t manage to finish in time as it was MUCH to detailed. Still, the textures and lighting are place holders and i havent even finished preliminary modelling. One of the aims of this piece is to learn how to add complex detail.


i KNOW theres no enviornment yet, but as i said, i havent even finished modelling. comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

EDIT 3/6/04: Ive just done a MAJOR update, and completely redone the lighting. See below.

I think we need to re-open and re-run the Industry contest!

Maybe there are worthy projects out there, like this one, which simply do require “more time” to complete. Maybe we need to re-run this contest, or to define some other kind of contest (parallel to these) which does have a longer time-period.

This is an excellent and so-far accurate model of this type of hydraulic turbine.

i agree, maybe a weekly challenge, people would really benefit from this, and it also gives more time to those whose weekends don’t contain enough free time, and so they could work a little bit each day instead of a lot (which they can’t) on the weekends.

the modeling looks great Blenergetic, i don’t know what kind of machine this is (sundialsvc4 seems to know what your making) but it looks awsome, well done.


Very nice modelling indeed. Pity you didn’t make it to the contest. :frowning:

This is a Francis-style hydroelectric turbine, with what appears to be a dynamo (minus its cover) at the end farthest from the camera. [How’d I do, Blenergetic?] This type of equipment was used extensively around the 1920’s and 1930’s in low-head hydroelectric power generation. In fact, a nearby company is restoring several examples of just this type of turbine, removed from the Ocoee River power-plants for the Tennessee Valley Authority. This model is quite accurate.

I really enjoy seeing models that show this level of accuracy, attention and detail, especially when CAD-files do not exist from which a model might be auto-generated. It’s exactly the sort of pleasure that one receives from (scratch-)building such a model in wood or plastic. I don’t see too much “digital model-building” although I’m sure it must be out there. It’s definitely a different sort of hobby and one that we ought to encourage.

For that matter, it could certainly be profitable. Digital models are expensive to build, and I can certainly see a legitimate marketplace where collections of detailed files could be bought and sold. “Buy vs. Build” is a classic business choice, and the skills needed to build these models ought to be encouraged and showcased.

is there something you could about how the thing in the front just goes through the ground? maybe a mounting plate or something?

thanks for the comments guys! :smiley:

i have made a few changes/updates, but unfortunately the .blend is at my dad’s house and im at my mom’s house atm.

look for an update in the next day or 2!

sundial, your right, this is a hydroelectric turbine, and i am using some reference pictures that my dad took when we went on a drive in north/central oregon and came across this abandoned powerhouse, from 1910. good job!

Only thing i saw wrong was in the front right corner of the turbine that little cylindrical thing goes through the bracket next to it.

All those rusty bolts look great, and I like the heaviness of it. Very cool.

Alrighty guys, i did a small update. I think im pretty much done with the preliminary modelling and about 60% done with ALL the modelling. now i will start the challenge of adding dirt, rubble, grime, and all that hard stuff! :smiley: Also as you can see ive added a simple enviornment, which i will improve on later.

Keep the comments comin!


no comments? :frowning: :-?


Nice Work, dude! You could add a texture to the floor, too. And maybe some fog you know, gas or something, but not too much, just a little, to make it look even cooler :Z

The back wall… Funny noone has commented that before…
And some things doesn’t look enough subdived.

If you want to get really detailed I believe the mechanics on the bolts on the turbine on the left side are are little off, they need some sort of indent so one could get a wrench around them (the ones on the tilted part, second row from the inside) (image below), but that may be going a little far. Great model, it will look even better with some textures.

edit:I can’t get the image to show, so i will just use a link.

thanks for the comments guys.

Alright, I just finished completely re-doing the lighting, as well as some other small tweaks. I think im just about done with the lighting, and now ill start texturing. Finally, ill add the final touches, such as rubble, dirt, graffiti, etc.

well, enough talking, heres the update! :smiley:


thanks for everyones help.

WAO! :smiley: nice pic :smiley:

Nice update. Something doesn’t feel right about the way the turbine goes into the ground at the bottom left. Are you sure there is no plate or grate or something? I don’t think the builder would have just set this thing in the wet concrete and let it dry. :-?

Yes, there is a plate around the turbine, the reference pic i was using had SO much rubble i didn’t notice it at first! :wink:

I will definitely add that in in the next update.

the part where the turbine meets the floor is odd, and perhaps make the walls more interesting, looks awsome

this is totally awesome but one thing i noticed is that where to large tubes on the turbine are bolted together there is no separation… looks like on big piece with decoration bolts.