Abandoned Road

Made this a while back, but never rendered it out until now.

This is the whole image:

Here is another color graded version where I wanted to go for a more grungy image look.

And finally the raw render without any color grading or effects.

This project was kinda fun to make especially since the wide aspect ratio allowed me to also tell a stroy with the environmnet.
The destroyed cars I used are from sketchfab, and the utility poles are from a free addon that I found…
The parts of the scene that I actually made are the buildings, and the procedural road texture.
Hope u like it!
: D
( I rendered the final images at 5600x2400 but blenderartists decreased it to a smaller size… idk how to fixx that, so if u do pls leave a note or something.)


Like the whole Simon Stalenhag feel. Good job!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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