abandoned robot

i’ve been working on this for a while, and im getting sick of it so im putting up what i have.

Absolutely superb, could you post your specs, render time, project time, (maybe some nodes) etc. My only critique is that I think some depth of field would really help the image.

dual 2.5 AMD 4800, 2 gigs of ram, Nvidia 8600 GT. also, A LOT of post processing in photoshop.

That streched pipe texture on the background kind of jumps into eye like a sore thumb. I’d recommend you to re-texture that, as it really lowewrs the quality of this pic.

Lovely image… lovely idea… I agree with the pipe texture… there’s one pipe that shows a stretched texture :frowning:
Also… again with textures… I think if you raised the resolution of the rust texture on the robots chest and make it less blurry it would improve the quality dramatically… it seems a little too blurry to be in focus :slight_smile:
Another small detail would be that… block or hinge thing on her left shoulder… it looks really out of place :frowning:

Lighting is spot on and composition is also… and again. the model is perfect.

Excellent work. With all that going on I am not surprised you have given up. Lots of work.

Cool, very cool pic. That red wire in his knee though has bad materials and is too undetailed IMO. Otherwise, that is freakin awesome :smiley:

That’s awesome. Are the dents in the robot made with bump maps or normal
maps? I’m still new to that area so please don’t laugh.

yeah I probably will fix the pipes stretching problem. and add some detail to the wires. but probably not anytime soon. and the dents is mostly modeling, i used the texture for paint and rust. the dents are in the model