Abandoned space ship - CG Boost challenge

Hello there :slight_smile:
This is my WIP thread for the current CG Boost challenge “life after humans”.

Current progress:

It took quite a while for me to get an idea for this challenge.
My plan is to crate a sci fi space ship scene, simply because thats the usual milieu i am used to. I try to make this place then look overgrown and long lost. Lots of damage/debree and plants.

I did some sketches beforehand and got a rough idea for the composition in place.
In blender i then recreated very roughly the sketch and did set up some light and compositing nodes.

So far i am pretty happy with the rough composition, but i have to see, how i can maintain it, when i start adding the details.

I will try to use EVEE this time around. I struggle a bit to get nice DOF working, but i can live without that for now.


I now have blocked out some more details and added some plants (generated with the grove).


I love the lighting and composition! Excited to see how it will look in the end.

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Thank you Even!
Cant wait to see what the final image will look like :slight_smile:

Worked some more on the floor. I added a very rough base material, but i am not really happy with it.
I have to see how much i can hide it with debree and damage. Maybe simply a different texture will help me here.

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Looking cool so far!

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And one more day of working on it. Started with the ship.

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Love design, especially frontal part.

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Thank you @alekba!
I now have worked on the ship, added materials with lots of dirt and leaks.
Now the platform looks super clean in comparison. I must do the same dirt setup for it as well.

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And now i made the platform more dirty and added some more foliage.
Currently only one type of grass. I would like to add more varied plants, but have to model them first :wink:

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Another update. Textured all the bits and added more plants.

EDIT: Micro update.


A larger change in colour grading. I also made the image overall less blurry but separated the foreground into its own render layer to be able to blur it independently for a much better defocus.
I am mostly done now, i might create some more props, but time is running out and as usual i cant work too long on one scene anyways =D

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And wrapping it up i think.
Added some more props and engine details.

I will sleep a night, before i submit the image, but overall i think i am done.

Finished project thread:

Finished project gallery: