Abandoned Train Track

Hi, this is my 1st serious scene in Blender beacuse now that I have completed my GCSE’s i now have more time to do things in Blender. Please be overly critical I need to know every minute mistake I’ve made in this so that my next scene will be better again :slight_smile:

In the wireframe I have moved the grass plane to layer 2 due to it clutering up the wireframe in such a way it was almost impossible to distinguish what was what

Thanks in advance for your critique



I like what I see. You’ve added enough detail for the eye to stray around still find things to keep it interesting.

Just my few thoughts.

Your skill level is quite high, you did a wonderful job with the colours so everything is “just right”.

I think you ought to express where this piece will fit ie low games, background image for toon, portfolio piece etc. I’m not a gamer, but some of the screen shots of the latest games background is quite realistic, and you should go for this, pushing your PC to the extreme. All the best!

The rocks need basic displacement and normal mapping and there could be a smooth transition between the track and the grass, also you need to fix the black in the foreground in one of the pictures by either making the grass thicker or putting a dirt texture for the ground.

yes, the rocks need a hard bumpmap and some displacement.
also you need environment lighting, some of the shadows on the rail and in the grass are pitchblack, that would never be the case with an open brightly shining sky, and also its not pretty.
depth of field on the closeup of the rail would be awesome.

like kbot said, youve got very nice saturation in the image, except for the really dark spots, the eyes rest comfortably on your image.
good work, keep it up!

I was once told my brick background was too flat, much like the rocks below the railbed in your piece. I took the texture into the Gimp, converted it to B&W and saved it. Used it as a texture with the displace modifier, subdivided the mesh alot, tweaked setting alot. I finally got a brick background that didn’t look like a plane with a texture applied to it, it looked 3d because it was 3d. Yea, the poly count and render time increased, but I figure that’s the trade off for looking better…


Thanks for the feedback and advice :slight_smile: much appreciated :slight_smile: