Abandoned tunnel

Hi and hello!

Little thing I do for school assigment

As You see it’s really simple. I plan to make it more complex, but grain you see right by the sparks or by red lamp on right side is really messing with my nerves. Any on it other then increasing samples/decreasing light bounces? Pretty Please.

And another render few frames forward:

[INDENT=15]Sorry for my english skills [/INDENT]

nice work, nice detail over the metal.

Well, a pretty basic way to lose some of the grainy fireflies woudl be to render at 1.5x / 2x the resolution and downscale the final image to desired. If we’re talking about effects stuff, then blendercookie did a pretty good tutorial on how to reduce the fireflies without losing the bounce light - the video title for youtube is, verbatim, “Reducing Caustic Noise in Blender Cycles” - I’m sure that you would find it instantly on their site or youtube (can’t link it as I’m a rather new user - best not to trip off any alarms or smth :wink: ).

Great, Thank You!

I played a little with clamp settings but it messed up my sparks. I’ll continue my struggle and share new renders.

New render with some more sparks and less noise - Thank You X2Eliah

Scene has evolved! Please Leave a comment, any suggestion are greatly appreciated!