Abandoned Warehouse


this is my take on making an abandoned scene.

The B/W version, just for laughs :wink:

The barrels were made by Jojojoy (Blendswap), the rest of textures and modelling by me.

Rendered with BI because I have no idea how to achieve volumetric lighting in Cycles…

Thanks for watching.


You really did a well improvement on this piece! There could be still done somethings, but I think its a decent result!
Keep it up!

It’s a very good result. I really love it.
Just, some observation on abandoned houses, on how glasses on window brake is needed. Some remain half. It could add realism on this scene and it’s easy to do.

Thank you! I know there’s lots of room for improvement but for me it has just been a fun learning experience. I had great help from the peeps over at the focused critique section :slight_smile:



I like it,

Great work.

I had the same problem also with lighting. Though when I asked about it some one said that it’s better to render light shafts with BI and add it later with post processing on Cycles.