Abandoned Well [WIP]

This is my first thread, and i really am proud of this, but am open to any critique.

my main problems with it are.

  1. The rope
  2. The metal bands

but i am completely open to suggestions for any of it

(sorry for the low res renders, the main one is a lot better, and i’m rendering it on a mac book air so :P)

Try searching for closeup images of wells.

  1. The roof is very top heavy as it is - in the real world it would be sideways with the first winds. I propose you look into woodworking. Will help you avoid even having to deal with those ropes - which btw look off first and foremost since they lack knots(or any other means of binding). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodworking_joints#Traditional_woodworking_joints

If you joined the two beams on each side with a oblique cross lap joint you could rest the axle on top of the joints. Also make them wider than the well and extend them into the ground, this way they are fixed to something.

  1. Your bucket is completely porous, more of a strainer really and yet its not worn or withered. Clearly it was made to be like that - intentionally and recently. :wink:

  2. The well stones are too perfect as well, no wear. Also they are all identical - same texture on each of them.

Hi there nentemmc,

I have to agree with Felix on this. The roof is very top heavy. Below shows how how thick a roof is and the beams holding the roof together.

Here is a link to Andrew Prices tutorial on how to make rope. https://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/rope

Hope this all helps.