I like the concept and you’ve done a good job but as others said there are still some things that need a bit more love.

  • rust is off on the axe. Too much of it and too much bump
  • axe’s handle looks like it has chipped paint coming off. Painted handle, really?
  • I feel there’s too much bump on the top tree bark
  • too small lantern

Hope that helps.

So if you used Grass Essentials, and you used Pro Lighting then what did you actually make? The hatchet for example has quite a large disparity in visual quality to the rest of the scene. You could do with either subdividing it, sculpting some detail into the handle or creating a normal bake and texturing it.

Don’t mean to come across as rude, on the contrary the scene looks good. But am I the only one thinking that well, what’s original?
I suppose it’s like the driving assist in car games, yeah you can use them and yeah you can do fast lap times but can you do the same without any help? Bad analogy.

Let’s see some more personal work people!

Thanks for noticing. yes i did use the grass essentials (because i helped in the trailer and i wanted to promote it) and yes i did use Pro-Lighting Skies (because i wanted to promote and test it) and yes the axe looks really poor (no excuse)

as for what i made myself… everything but the grass and sky. i made the rocks, logs, ivy and everything really.

i made it in about 3 hours just to show off those products. thanks for your feed back.

if you would like to see more work that i did myself feel free to check out my newest architecture render here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lounge-room

also you can read about it in 3D artist magazine issue #83

hope that clears everything up :slight_smile:

i’m not familiar with car assist in games… i haven’t played them for a long time. however yes i can create renders without the assist of those products.

here are some examples:

random scene i made: http://masonblenderrender.deviantart.com/art/Long-Forgotten-Feedback-and-the-story-513389713

and the scene i made for architecture academy competition 2014 (won): http://masonblenderrender.deviantart.com/art/Architecture-academy-conclusion-491579671

thanks for your feed back, it is noted.

Thank you :slight_smile: when generating the ivy i just removed the leaves, and used a particle system of these ivy leaf models.

Thanks for the critique Joey. this should clear some things up:

the ax was made in about 1 minute and so there is no excuse for that, the log is fine, sometimes when you try split a log the ax gets stuck and doesn’t split the wood. the pine bark is fine too, as it was 3D scan and is accurately sized to the real world. if you look at pine tree bark the size grows with the tree. and as for the ax handle someone tried split the wood a loooong time ago… if you read it it says “Abandoned” so someone tried, failed and left it to wear and tear. and i’ve used an ax plenty.

Thanks Reynante :slight_smile: means a lot :slight_smile:

Yeah, I use an ax every year… My Dad won’t buy a good log splitter, cause he has me :stuck_out_tongue: And I think the bump is still too strong, but not bad I guess for a minute.

lol yeah. what bump?

I like the luminosity of th AO pass, This scene would also be so nice with snow!

Yeah, I agree… snow would have made this even better!

i think i know what they mean by the axe interaction. oh and by the way it is awesome! way better than anything i could ever do! i think with the axe it looks like it’s floating in the air a bit. and if it had chipping and like some action to where it was slung into the stump it would appear more realistic and little better probably. when i look at the place where the axe meets the stump it looks…like i dont know how to describe. i zoomed in and it look like it was cut and placed there. not that it is actually in the log i think. but anyway it is an awesome piece! i’m going to start using blender soon in a few months or so

Fully realistic, I like very much the leaves as well.

How did you 3D scanned?

great job!