Inspired by Vlad Artazov art

software: Blender
render: Cycles
contrast/color correction: Gimp

Tell me what you think.


Like the story of the image

Few tips i would work on are:

Lightning is not so interesting. Try to work with a bit more lights and maybe place some objects arround the scene to break the light for more interesting shadows in the image. It gives some really good lightning tutorials out there from Gleb Alexandrov on his website creativeshrimp.com. One of it is exactly about that what i said before and the name of it is “light texture or how to breathe life into dull scene”.

What i also would work on is to make a displacement on the wood and the ground surface to improve it. At the moment it looks a bit to flat

thx for feedback NaturallyCG
Light is most difficult part of CG for me.

The idea is absolutely nice and I like the overall execution!

As mentioned before another lighting could add a lot to it. Just think of the lights as part of the story telling. Where do you want the viewer to look at? What aspect of the story do you want to emphasize. This answers where your lights should be directed to. The rim light, which you have on the nail in the foreground, is a good start, though.

From a story telling aspect the depth of field is too shallow in my opinion. Because the nail couples in the background are also a vital part of the story they should be a bit more in focus.

I like the materials, especially of the nail in the foreground and the little pin at his feet.

Thx minoribus
When i have some free time i will change the lighting (or I will try :])

this is my second take on this project
I redo the textures and lighting setup.
Hope you enjoy :]