Abbey corridor

I made this when applying to a university class that teaches Blender for heritage visualization (Cergy Pontoise). I’m totally not a religious guy but one of the university’s projects was to virtually reconstruct an abbey now in ruins. My initial idea was to use these renders in a cartoon I was drawing but time flew too fast, so I had to stick with this. Which sucks because I liked my cartoon idea.

Made with Cycles 2.79 denoising, filmic, microdisplacement, PBR materials (incl. Principled), HDR lighting, all the good stuff.

Free models I used :

No plan on improving these renders but consider them CC-BY. Actually, there, now it’s CC-BY.

Hmm…Is it St. Augustine Abbey in Kent?

Looking really good. But wouldn’t the stones at the top of the gate in the last render collapse? I guess the stones should follow the contour of the arch, see here:
(probably the same is true for the arches over the windows)

@melvi I didn’t reproduce anything that exists, any similarity is pure coincidence.
@thorst Totally. I just UV unwrapped the entire wall on the same texture. Not good.

This is really nice. Good work

Overall, very nice! The only major issue I have is it looks too clean, the corners are too bright edges aren’t worn etc.

good point NID Graphics, I didn’t think much about it.