Sigh :(. I got busy with college and stuff and didn’t have enough time to tidy up my entry. All I could do is add a quick and dirty background and some effects/touch ups in gimp. Tomorrow is the deadline, but any last minute critique is always welcome.

Okay, two things. I’ll try to make my suggestions feasible ones:

  1. The background is too bright (especially when compared with the foreground), and the moon pulls the focus away from the foreground. If possible, try to go for something like the placeholder background, with a dark starfield above, and some light pollution down below. In Gimp, you could add HSV noise to make the stars, and on a new layer, use a gradient and then smudge it slightly to create the light pollution around the horizon. As for the lens distortion, I think you can fake that in Gimp with a filter.

  2. If you can get the floating face thing on it’s own, I’d add a scanline effect (basically make it look like an image on a screen) to emphasize that it’s a hologram (at least, I think it is?). There are several ways to do that in Gimp, and I think there’s even a filter built in specifically for that. Also, with a darker background as mentioned above, the face will stand out a lot more than when paired with the current background. Right now, the colors are just too similar.

You’ve done some fantastic work here, Husam. I really like this project, and I hope it does well. Best of luck!

Thanks for the quick feedback jcptopi. Okay, the scanline effect for the hologram thingy was an easy fix. I made it quite subtle as I think it looks better this way. Don’t know though, do you guys thinks I should make it more pronounced. I’ll see what I can do about the background, though I don’t think I have much time to make radical changes.

edit: I just remembered that an old bg experiment of mine looks pretty much similar to what you described in your first suggestion jcptopi. I didn’t like how it turned out though. Any suggestions as to how I can make it better?!


Use a layer set to Color mode to change the color of the Moon and the Horizon Line to better suit your project (cool colors, rather than the warm ones currently there). Other than that, you’re good to go!