I wanted to make a scene with hair, clothes, plants and a bizarre twist, and this is what I came up with. For me the best about this scene is that is all Blender made, textures, filters, color correction, and of course 3d. No Photoshop whatsoever!

And Happy New Year to everybody!!! A great year for Blender!!


I love the work. Well done! :slight_smile:

Image works really well when you look it from further away, its an awesome composition in all ways. Intresting colors and scene. However I think shading / texturing could be enchanted to create even better immersion. Octopusses, girls costumes and trees bark textures lack detail making it look too cgish.

Great job, I really you continue working on this piece to make it awesome instead of good!

Good to see something a bit different. And nicely executed, I like it.

I knew the tree octopus was real. Everyone said it was a hoax.

Terrific image, BTW.

Steve S

Outstanding composition, emotion and dramatism. I think there should be a bit more glossiness on the tentacles.
Great piece anyway. :slight_smile:

I never hared of this tree octopus story. I should look into it. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going :slight_smile:

Awesome work.

@@SolarLiner: thank you!!
@ @jjjuho: thanks for the criticism! I’d like to work on it more but was getting tired of it!
@ swmo: thanks, I was trying to make a dreamy scene and with kinda a stop motion movie look, don’t know if I succeded.
@Steve S: Didn’t know about tree octopus! really! so fun. Now I know my image has sense.
@Alin B: Thank you! yeah, they should be more wet.
@@GrimZA: I’m not into manga, nor was it what I was thinking, but now you have pointed out…maybe!

Your work is awesome, I’m blown away

Awesome, only thing would be her nose is a bit red…

Amazing work sir :slight_smile:

Dreamy scene - yes you succeeded. It’s something I’ve struggled with; to make it not look too much like a normal blender render.

Amazing work! +Shared…

Thank you! I forgot to say its rendered in Cycles, just in case. its noisy still, but it takes 4 hours to render on my laptop.
Thanks etoven for sharing! :yes:

This is a screen capture with textures, for the curious :wink:

this is outstanding, although I agree that the textures could use some work. I also think the lighting needs some more key / highlight work. For example the deer are lost against the background and the color on the front tentacle and leaves is somewhat flat. I would get more moonlight in there and less of this frontally-lit fill lighting, it will make the entire thing feel more dramatic…

You know me sir, i’m curious.
Inspirational work!

great work, lighting and everything, very very nice. I thought it was a painting.

top row material.

@Kemmler: About the lighting, I wanted an artificial lighting from the begining. I was thinking as a photographer, not a 3d artist, but maybe your sugestion will look better, perhaps I’ll re-render it…
megastor and ng-material: Thank you so much. I used some nice tricks in the compositor for the look.

@onnevan: hey, I am all about artificial lighting, in fact what I normally use blender for these days is product “photography” with about 10 lights, all set so that they are not camera-ray visible, so I can just have random lights floating around in the frame lighting the model as if by magic… I just think you need more contrast in your lighting to show off some of the composition better. Right now a lot of the frame is pretty flat.

PS congrats on being featured on blendernation.