ABF Edge Select Hotkeys in Ubuntu

I’ve had Blender running for months in Ubuntu. I love it. I learned to only use Xfce4 for real speed and log out of Gnome and KDE. I am so used used to mapping the old LSCM way that I barely used the new Angle Based UV mapping.

Now I find that Mark edges/Alt+RMB clicking on for uv seams doesn’t work in Ubuntu for me. I tried to disable every keyboard/mouse setup that uses Alt+RMB. What am I missing. The issue is the same in Gnome and Xfce4. Now Alt+RMB clicking in Face mode. Arrggggghhhh. I’m wondering if anyone has some tips on identifiing the Ubuntu fuction that is claming Alt+RMB. Thanks for you tips.

If the solutions right in front of me I’ll kick myself silly.:smiley:

Hey, I was trying to figure this one out for the longest. I found the solution. To use edge selection for ABF UV unwrapping in Ubuntu on your windows keyboard select- Alt+Windows key together and the RMB. So it’s Alt-Windows+RMB. Have fun unwrapping stuff in Ubuntu!