Ability to only see what posts have new stuff in them...

I have been wanting to goto my post/threads section and be able to see only the things that have new posts in them… but right now I have to wait for my posts section to load and scroll through all the pages…

Can someone make it so that a user can see any post that they have posted in that has a new post in it… in a seperate page or something… so that I don’t have to go through all my posts.?.?.?


Hi, Use the control panel, it’s the USER CP link at the top. All the thread that contains your pot is automatically ‘subscribed’ for you.

You can also search your own post using the search by user name function.

well first what do you mean by “my pot” ? also I tried that and it is not all of the threads I have posted in… it is only one thread… and it is not even my own… So I still do not know how to see only the new threads I have posted in…

Aaron, are you saying you want to see subscribed threads, and see only the new posts on them?

That sounds like a good idea.

At present, as xiaxuele mentioned, click “User CP” shows only new posts to subscribed threads. (which I didn’t know about actually). The “Edit Options” link will let you default to get email notification etc for new posts to subscribed threads.

Under “Quick Links”. Subscribed Threads item shows all threads you have “subscribed” to. Of those threads, ones with new posts are in bold.

The “New Posts” link shows new posts from all threads, starting with the last post you’ve read.

On threads, you’re replied to, you should be presented with a “subscribe” option automatically.
If you look under “Thread Tools”, the secondary menu strip on the right side, under the ads but above the thread, you can select “Subscribe to this Thread” on any interesting threads.

Well I don’t want to have to subscribe to threads… I just wanted it to be that… when I goto a page I only want to see which threads, that I have posted in, have new posts in it… and not see any threads that don’t have new posts in them…

If that makes sense…

I just re-read your post and it seems I misunderstood you, it seems you want to skip the all the posts that comes before your own. But as far as I know, you can’t do that in VBulletin without some code hacking.