Ability to Spawn Child Particles Gone in Blender....

I can’t seem to get the particles to generate children in blender 2.4 – all tuts are for very old versions of blender. I’ve selected the generation, the number, spawn probability & lifespan in the particles panel, but no children are created. I guess there’s no longer a “mult” button, which was used in all the old tuts. Anyone have a suggestion? Appreciate the help…

(I recently switched from Maya & Lightwave, so this is all new to me…)

Yes, the ability to spawn children has gone out the window with 2.40.


WHAT??!! :< :< :< :x

A very disappointing direction for Blender to take in the area of effects animation! No upgrade should downgrade performance or capabilities A sugg for the developers would be to remove unused buttons that no longer do anything (the buttons referred to for children particles that are still in the particle effects panel). :<

Here’s a wonderful alternative to create kick-ass particle effects in post: Trapcode’s Particular, a killer 3D particle system for After Effects v.6.0+ (goes for $299 USD – I’d highly recommend this plug to users looking for a robust solution to Blender’s particle system shortfall) :smiley: . This particle system generator has exceptional capabilities (smoke, sparks, organic lines, particle coloring, opacity and sizing over lifetime, etc. – as well as a comprehensive physics system and the ability to spawn child particles). I used to use Particular exclusively in conjunction with Maya/LW, and will continue to do so with Blender, too. Will still incorporate Blender’s static particles for fur and grass, but must honestly say that Blender needs some serious improvement with particle development for future releases.

For those interested in checking out Particular, here’s the link:

Here’s a small sample of Particular in action (put this together in about 20 minutes – kept the smoke pretty opaque so you can see the detail…):


And a sample using child particles spawning from sparks:


Any explanation as to why the feature is gone??? Is it broken and going to be fixed or did they just drop it for good :frowning: That would be very sad indeed.

What the heck are you talking about Fligh% ???


Works great in static - I use it for creating plants with tufts of leaves at the end of stalks!

It also seems to function in normal - although not as I would expect, there’s definitely something going on beyond the life of the initial stream!

Ammusionist: How do you get it to work? If I set Prob>0 on the 0th generation, they all disappear. This happens to static or dynamic particles.

I know all the buttons and fields are there, but get it to work in 2.40 then I’ll apollogize for misleading everybody.



All is as it has always been.

The one thing that tends to trip up people, is that the first Generation of particles (Generation 0) is already assigned the default, first Material Index. So when you’re at Generation 0, the Material index in the lower right hand corner is for the “Next” Generation of particles.

Some terminology has changed:

Use to be ‘Mult’ to define the number of particles that were spawned, now instead ‘Num’ is used.


Thank NaN for experienced users. I’ve gotten child particles to work in 2.40 and I barely ever touch the particle section lately.

This was rendered with 2.37a


This one, exactly the same file, was done in 2.40. The only change I made was to scale the Emitter Mesh to about 1/8 of it’s original size so as to fit it all into the camera:


Thanks Lukus for hosting


Did you post a bug report? Users that complain in the forums, but never post any bug reports drive me nuts. Please post the .blend plus the two screen shots in the bug tracker.



Here’s one in 2.4

Hope it’s what you’re looking for.

Particle Plants.blend

Hey - It’d be really cool if you could get the whole range of particle controls for each generation, not just life and texture.

Remember, the TOTAL number of particles for the WHOLE SYSTEM is set in the particle buttons, so if you have 100 particles and a dying one spaws 101, there’ll be none left for the original emmission!

If you have 6000 particles and each dying spawns 5 then there will be 1000 in the first generation and 5000 in the second to make the total!

Ammusionist: Thank you for the .blend. For me the key was adding random or texture-driven velocity–duh! If you don’t do this all the particles line up and look like one long vector. Thanks also for clearing up the issue of total number of particles.

I am now getting the children particles to generate, thanks to the responses to my post. I do have a question, however:

Do children particles only spawn from dying particles, and can their attributes be controlled separately from the parent particle? My problem before seems to have stemmed from the fact that I was trying to get children particles to spawn from a live particle, and nothing was happening – therefore, I thought the system was broken.

The effect I am trying to achieve is a trail of smoke from a spark-like particle (i.e. missile trail affect). I want the original particle to stay visible throughout the animation as it arcs through the sky, with the smoke trailing behind and slowly dispersing. Here is a quick, simple sample created with Particular for AE (this is a single particle system, with a spark particle and children emitting from it with a smoke texture).

Thanks for the help!



Hope it’s what you’re looking for.

Yes, it certainly is! So it seems I was wrong and my apollogies to everyone for misleading you. I still haven’t found what the difference is between my blend and yours or what the difference is between 2.37 and 2.40 so I’ll have to look a little deeper. Thanks for posting the blend.


The answer is both yes and no…

Blender 2.4 has a feature in the particles buttons to keep showing particles that have exceeded their lifetime (show died), but they do loose ther physics, so died particles will no longer respond to their movement or forces.

If you want to leave a ststic trail though, this is OK.

I used this with metaballs recently to create an animation of signing my name in toothpaste! - I’ll see if I can dig up the blend later to show you what I mean.

Thanks for the post – really appreciate it! I think Blender still needs some work in the child spawing department where particles are concerned – will definitely continue to incorporate 3rd party software in this area to fill in the gaps where Blender falls short. Will still play, tho, and see if I can create a viable alternative or workaround…