ABLAS AeroSled

This is the start of a model I am working on, and just wanted to get some CC on it. The modeling is maybe 90% and I am just starting on texturing. The engine and controls are about all that’s left.

It’s called the “Air Breathing Linear Aerospike Aero Sled”, ABLAS Aero Sled for short and can be folded up for easy storage. Anyway here is a front and back view.

Little more work done. Not sure why the window is not clear but I will look at that later.

Looks like the driver is supposed to lie down to fly this thing.
It’s a good concept, fairly unique.

A couple of notes for the design ((all this depends on how “realistic” you want this thing to be):

  1. You may want some thing to support the chest area and help keep the upper body (and head) tilted up. The flyer is going to get awfully tired and cramped if he has to rest on his elbows the whole time. If he lies totally flat it will be difficult to use the controls and impossible to see where he is going.

  2. The foot pedals are a good idea, but may need to be slightly re-engineered. A person wouldn’t really be able to work the pedals unless he was lying on his back. What I mean is that you need to be able to work the pedals with your toes. Right now it looks like the pedals are hinged to move at the top, which would require you to use your heels to apply pressure to the pedals.

  3. How are you supposed to not fall out of this plane? Tilt this guy too much or (heaven-forbid) go inverted and a very unpleasant experience would follow.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Like I said, I like the concept and I think the modelling is pretty good. Texturing and lighting make 90% of what convinces us of the “realness” of the model, so go nuts there.

I have put a lot of thought on how you would control and stay on this thing, but I will not lie :slight_smile: I have not worked it all out.

What looks like joysticks are really just hand holds. The controls are at the top of the handholds and operated by the thumbs, much like a RC plane is. Left side being rudder and throttle and the right side being roll and pitch.


The foot petals are not controls ether but foot holds and work like Clipless petals on a mountain bike ( but with the cleat being on the petal).


Your right I do need to add some support for the chest. And still working out the rest on how to stay in this thing :slight_smile: Thanks for the comments and I will work on them.