Ableton live 8 !!!

This new update from live is freat !!!

Now we dont have the 128 limit parameter !

Max for live

and much more ! awesome !


Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!

Max 4 live , is something like Python for blender , now in Live8 ;D

max 4 live is a very cool feature i didnt expect

plus ableton live and the BGE can work together quite nicely for live performances

hey nice to see an audiovisual man in here ! can wait to play with 8 , but i need a new computer anyways.

Wait i just realized what you said, and yes it would be very cool indeed !

How would you connect them ? via Pure Data maybe ?

thanx !

woah Im way behind, im still running 6 didnt even know 7 was out… ouch. haha. it gets the job done though.

I am a Ableton Live user for 4 years now (even though I work primary with hardware the last 2 years). I am also a VST developer and a python enthousiast. I am new to blender , but I already like what I am seeing here.

Blender rocks kilon, and 2.5 will be a AWESOME thing, I would love to see some kind of blender Game engine-live integration maybe you could do something about it ;D