What the heck guys I’ll throw my final image for the BGC in the finished projects as well:P This was a fun one for me…a bit out of the realistic realm. Fairly complex actually and heavy for some reason…the file size got up to 165Mb:S There was quite a lot of detail in the broken parts of the road and debris on the ground. Also lots of use of particles in the leaves…several emitters with turbulance and vortex influence. And finally the smoke sim from BI which was fun and fairly easy to make:) Hope you guys like. I think the caption for this image would be

Alien: "You foul earthling have you no decency or remorse! If thats how you want to proceed you can retain your wreched planet! ABORT mission, return to the morther ship!

Dog George:"…:confused:…:p"

High Res:

No feed back on this final image guys? Any thoughts or things to improve or maybe what you did you like? Some feed back is really appreciated:P

I like it. The only thing I really notice is the sparseness of the grass. Don’t take my word on that though I am not a professional…

I am curious of how exactly you did the leaves…I have been messing around with using the particle system for leaves and I cant get realistic results without having millions of leaves per tree. Just curious of your take on it…

What kind of composition did you used for the camera? For me the image is too dark. As to the image why the ground is wrecked and the dog is pissing?

Well i think the dog is not very noticeable because is blending with the background fences, I suggest you to add a fence with a different color, regarding the wrecked part is a little confusing, you need a more obvious thing.

wooww street is perfect… love the details, texturing and lighting… and dog’s expression is hilarious… everything is perfect on its place but some how alien ship is matching the environment… may be due to different light set up for ship ?? but looks great…

Nita :slight_smile:

Correct me if i’m wrong but… The wrecked road is due to the chaos of the spaceship landing/arriving. The dog urinating is to add humour to the fact that, despite the alien’s best and ferocious intentions, he is just not of any importance to the dog. The Dog simply does not care.

I like the lighting. It adds to the ‘relaxing sunny evening’ feeling that the dog is enjoying.

Do i detect a Greg Zaal influence in the grass? or is that a coincidence?

Overall: A fine piece of humorous work. Good Job!

I second Loonakit’s query on the trees. Some details on how you did them would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ah I see…I didnt do a good enought telling the story with the image:P Basically the idea is the alien and his ship have just landed on the pavement and insted of floating the alien is using his robotic arms to navigate and cause destruction and the broken concrete pavement is where the claws have dmaged the road. The alien is immediately confronted upon landing with this goofy dog “George” taking a leak on the fire hydrant. Basically the alien thinks the dog is the civilized earthing and is releaving him self out in the open without a care and the alien is disgusted:P Hend the alien rears back and says “ABORT!” because of the disgusting earthing:P

I wanted to incorperate some of the rock debris from the pavement in a trail from the claws as they were pulled back into the air. That might have helped the connection between the claws destroying the pavment.

The image is a bit dark too but I was going for a sunset atmosphere and wanted some darkness for the space ship to glow and the white and black spoted dog to stand out. I find brightness in the image is the hardest thing to adjust because I have 4 different computers and they all look different in that regard. Seems the newer HD monitors hooked up by HDMI cables tend to be brighter then the older DVI hooked up monitors.

But ya thanks for the feed back. Oh and the leaves are still particle system but I have a png file of a small branch with 3 or 4 leaves on it to make it look like 4 times as many leaves for each actual plane created by sappling:P

I was close…:slight_smile:

Cheers for the tree tip.

Thanks Nita and MonkMonk…you guys responded the same time I did hehe. Maybe I’ll post some additional images and screen shots on the creating of the trees.

In regards to the grass…I would say Greg stole it fro me…hehe…just kidding Greg is a Blender friend of mine and we have worked a bit before on projects. But ya I have been using particle systems for grass for a long time. I used my cut grass version for this project:P

On the space ship I know exactly what Nita is saying. I used the new anisotrophic shader and I like it but it makes the metal darker then I wanted but I ran out of time:P