Abos: Any alien satellite designers out there?

Got a project here, working on an alien science vessel. So far I’ve used discombobulator to deform my basic mesh. Any input how to make this look better?


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More tests… any input is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Lots of bumpmaps using brick, and voronoi at a very high frequency, will get you the MASSIVE look.

select some random parts, duplicate and add wireframe modifiers.

select random edges, convert to curves for instant pipe deltails.

Try and use 3 different scales for detail.

a mixture of metalic/non metalic/ different roughnesses on everything.

you want to cause as many interesting reflections highlights and shadow as you can.

Hope that helps!

Wow great work! I shall try that out for sure. Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

nah, Blender did it!

Hahaaa yah sure it did :wink:

check out this thread for more,