About 64 bit...

Hi there,

today I’ve got a new laptop for my job, it has an AMD 64 Turion. I need to have a dual boot, linux+windows, naturally.

Now I have a dummy question… %| I know I can run 32 bit apps with this CPU, but… what about the kernel?? can I install, i.e., an ubuntu 32 bits and eventually recompile the kernel to support the 64 bits?

Just use a 64bit install disc. DL the 64 bit iso. It’s that easy.

I’m sure ubuntu 64-bit supports 32-bit apps. You can recompile the apps for 64-bit though, if you have the source for the programs and the necessary devel packages.

A word of warning though.

Running a 64bit linux can be on the time consuming side, as there aren’t as wide a range of prebuilt packages for 64bit linux as there are for 32bit linux.

If you just want an easy to use linux, then install a 32bit linux. If you want to spend a bit more time tweaking / compiling software from source, then 64bit linux.

Out of interest I do run 64bit linux (Ubuntu), although there are times I do curse 64bits! (lack of software at times / needing to compile stuff from source etc)

I don’t think you could install 32bit ubuntu, and then recompile the kernel for 64bit. Well, possibly you could, but there would be no 64bit library files etc?


if you are dual booting you could use windows for all 32 bit stuff if you can’t get/compile 64 packages.

You can install unbuntu 32bit and then upgrade it to 64bit at a later date, read the ubuntu forums for info /advice…

If i remember there were a couple of complication with it.

ok, thank you all. at the moment I’ve installed Fedora 5 64bit, just because we had that one in office. let see how’ll it go.