About alpha in Blender

I think Manual explain this to me but I lost the post, anyone can tell me how to apply a separate Alpha to a separate texture that works with the realtime game engine ?

Mmhh I don’t really understand what you mean, but try this:

  • if you have Photoshop, the Gimp (http://www.gimp.org) or another painting program, just add a layer without a background. Afther that add another layer and start painting on that one, use some alpha or just don’t use some places like when you create leaves for a tree.
  • now save the image as png and don’t mess around with the settings you get.
  • take the mesh in blender which you want to apply the texture too, when textures select all the faces in texture mode, and go to ‘Edit buttons’ (under blender 2.34 F9). Now you see a couple of buttons to your right and search for one called ‘Alpha’ (light purple button, when default theme) and afther that hit the button called '‘Copy drawmode’ (light orange button).
  • now exit face select mode. When you set the shading view in blender on textures, you won’t see sometimes that it’s alpha, just ignore that and hit ‘P’ to see if it’s alpha in game mode.

This should work. :smiley:

the alpha channel must be part of the texture for the game engine currently

so, you can’t use a greyscale image for the alpha and another [color possibly] image for the texture in gameblender.

once you have the alpha channel as part of the image, follow Jd-Multi’s

I just find it a waste of space to take the same texture and save it as another image with alpha. What you mean by color ?

I’m saying that in gameblender you can not seperate the alpha channel from the image

so, the image must contain both, the color [which could be grey if you like, but you can’t really have a greyscale image with an alpha channel, it’d be rgba or greyscale with no alpha channel… [I don’t think graphics cards store greyscale images anway]] channels and alpha channel

besides, it would be slower [if only slightly, probably not noticable because usually physics is the bottleneck, not the rasterizer] if blender allowed you to use a seperate image for the alpha channel than having the two combined into one image because it would take two texture fetches

Well, anyways, I hope it’s in the next Blender release. Will it theeth ?