About Appending

I downloaded some models other people have made, and am trying to open them up for use by appending them.

The problem here seems to be that different models may have different levels of complexity, and it’s not always clear what needs to be imported, and what doesn’t.

My question may be general, but I wondering if there are any rules of thumb for determining a.) what and what not to append, and b.) how to append complex models (hence, having to load many different objects from different folders)?

I hope this makes sense. Again, it is just a general question, perhaps with no one right answer. I am just seeking some guidance in this area.

Thank you for all your help!


If the objects aren’t renamed and are called something like Cube.012, this should be hard to determinate what is important to append in this case you could open the file in blender then rename the objects and/or create a group with all you think is important then save the file and you’ll be able to append just the group in only one step.
Anyway for complex files, creating groups can be usefull.