About bezier

Hi everyone,
(first post ever) I know that 85 percent of the workflow relies on material, lighting, rendering and compositing, and I suck at all these. I hope to get a better understanding some day, but I’m too new to blender, and therefore I don’t even try to make a “good” image.
So what about this ? My goal was initially to improve my modeling skills and take a good grip at bezier curves, which I hope I did.
It’s been modeled after one of Milans cathedral windows, but not fully accurately, due to perspective, even after correction. and anyways there’s still some work to do on the lower ornaments.

Comments welcome

You could make an entire career out of just doing materials or lighting. In the 3D industry there are persons who just specialize in areas like lighting, rendering, and compositing.

I recommend you spend time working on and mastering one area at a time and don’t worry about the rest.

Good work on the modeling – it can be difficult to master and put everything together.