About blender animation possibilities


First of all, sorry for my bad english and i hope you understand what i mean :wink:

I have used 3dmax quite long time and im interested about blender animation possibilities(yeah, switching 3dsmax to blender is in top of my mind). In 3dmax theres punch of tools and lots of modifers for animation like deformations, fysic simulations, camera tracking etc etc. I have read/watched/tested punch of blender tutorials and forums(…and im quite impressed ).

so tell me your opinions…

What is your opinion about blender animation cabalities?
Does/How blender suit for post production animations (like camera tracking etc)?

Some backround:

Im running now linux (kubuntu) and i love these open source applications and of cource expecially performance of linux OS, so i want to stick with linux and hoply never ever need windows again.
My animation experiement in 3dmax (or any kind of 3d applications) is almost nothing, so im not expert with in this category(i have pointed my exercise to modelling technique). And now i have tought that i should get some experiement about animation. That’s why this thread :wink:

Hello and welcome to the magical world of Blender and the wonderful world of Linux

You’ve failed to get thousands of answers just a little bit, should ask "Blender or 3D Max? " :slight_smile:

I’m a Blender and Linux addict since many years now, so I should say that you can compare Max to Blender
Max is made by a big company and very powerful ( specially in animation)
With Blender you can fake many things, it’s the poors tool :slight_smile:
But as you’ve said you don’t have animation experience with Max, so, you’ll feel that
Blender it’s quite easy to work.
And…please, the interface of Max…arghhh
Once you get used to Blender interface…what a pleasure
Some animation tuts here

And search in the site, there’s many more

Blenders animation tools for 2.40 should be quite good in comparison to much of the current animation tools available. Not sure what you mean by camera tracking - ie if you mean something like voodoo tracker for ‘match moving’ or ‘image stabalization’ (which would usually require an external program) or just parenting a camera to follow an object (ie a track camera constraint).


First of all, thanks for nice replys :slight_smile: (I usually may got offensive replys whatever I write ;))

to OTO:
I really I am impressed about blenders interface because first time I opened blender that freak me out, so I clicked X button and closed whole program. Few weeks later I read few tutorials (almost accidential or should I say that fate showed direction ;))about that interface and I almost shit in my pants when I realize how “easy to learn” and user friendly that really was :). So my interests goes to blender and of course linux :smiley:
My opinion about 3dsmax interface isnt so bad to me (mayby because I have used a lot and used to it) but it doesnt have same advantages that many other software give with their interface and such of things. I think max has very poor hotkey support when other softwares gives full customization. In max buttons are in very difficult places and its slow to use. (of course you can bind keys if you wanna but its still hard because many of max tools has almost too much options and too much diffrent buttons, see. “Buttons” instead submenu gategories.). And these were just my opinions , they aren’t a law or something like that :wink: its just depends what you use and what you are used to do, or what suits best for you. theres no right or good 3d software there is just advantages and disadvantages:D.

to LetterRip:
im not sure did i understand well but i can try to explain what i mean when I was talking about camera tracking.

I mean about camera tracking:
You have an .avi file where you have filmed some material. You have made there some “spots/marks” and mayby some simple objects that can traced on picture (of cource you have measured the distances between camera and those “spots/marks”).
When you have some camera movement in the .avi file, camera tracker or that 3d software what supports camera tracking can calculate camera movement by tracing those “spots/marks” in the filmed material. 3dsmax supports camera tracking so I wanted to know does blender supports this.

And for all:
To me, its easy to compare 3dsmax and blender because I have used 3dsmax and readed a LOT of tutorials and manuals and I have knowledge about 3dsmax features. Dont get me wrong I didn’t come here to praise 3dsmax or something like that. I came here to get information about blender and gather knowledge about features what I can do with blender :smiley:
I wanna support open source idealogy and principles by using those open source applications. Who knows when I really get start to work or mayby if im going to create my own studio, and then I may support open source applications with even money. Linux has proved its strenght and I dont believe that many companys who makes softwares to windows will make good support to linux if they are even making support to linux. And I really really really dont want to go back to windows. Who knows what vista brings on but knowing microsoft I just dont believe it.

Here comes some N00b questions:

Id like to make and learn some post production to mixing real life motion picture with 3danimation like flying butterflys, Fx, and many such things so…
Can i do these with blender?

And the major question:

So i wanna know your opinion about Advantages and Disadvantages what blender gives generally? (i dont ask you to compare blender to other softwares but you can compare if you want. i dont wanna any kind of typing war in here ;))

What experiemet has blender gived to you?

-3Dsmax changed my life and now I hope blender shows me direction where to go.-

If you search on my LetterRip and comparison you should find a thread that goes over blenders strengths and weaknesses pretty well.

What you want to do is called match moving, you will need to use an external tool to do it in blender (Voodoo tracker, Icarus, PFHoe, etc.) unless it is an extremely simple or still shot.